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Lots of Anglers Arriving, More Tuna and Dorado – October 14, 2017

Anglers –
October 14, 2017

Large crowds of anglers are arriving early this fall season and sportfishing fleets are very busy with near capacity crowds. Weather settled down after we saw very strong wind gusts last Sunday, lingering until Wednesday, this limited what options were practical, especially in the direction of Vinorama, being too far north when the south winds picks up is not fun. Calm days are prevailing once again and anglers are scoring well for both yellowfin tuna and dorado.

Ocean swells were minimal, supplies of sardinas were still holding up, anglers were also using strips of squid. Ocean temperature was averaging in the 82 to 85 degree range and water color was clean and blue close to shore. Most productive fishing grounds were found from the Gordo Banks, north to Vinorama. Drift fishing over the various high spots produced limit style numbers for yellowfin tuna, most of the tuna were in the 7 to 15 lb. class, but every day there were much larger yellowfin found mixed in the same schools, or on other quieter locations, that were ranging up to 80 lb. or more. The tuna were a bit line shy and anglers found better success using lighter leaders, but then they could be in trouble if they hooked a larger fish.

This week with we saw more numbers of dorado moving onto the same tuna grounds, striking on trolled lures, as well as on various baits. Most of the dorado found were under 15 lb., with an occasional larger bull reported. Only a scattering of wahoo reported, though they are in the area, on Thursday there was a 50 lb. wahoo landed out of Puerto Los Cabos, this fish hit on a strip of squid, lucky with no wire leader. Actually more wahoo were talked about this week, as compared to last, they did show more signs of activity, usually the first part of November they start biting more readily.

Not much billfish action being reported, though there was a 200 lb. blue marlin landed off of a panga early in the week. A few sailfish scattered about as well. Bottom action consisted of huachinango, yellow snapper, cabrilla, island jack, bonito, pompano and amberjack, no big quantities, but as strong currents resided some, this was opening up more opportunities for working the bottom structure with both yo-yo jigs and bait.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent out approximately 139 charters for the week, with anglers reporting a fish count of: 2 blue marlin, 1 black marlin, 9 wahoo, 8 amberjack, 1150 yellowfin tuna, 110 dorado, 4 sailfish, 18 yellow snapper, 52 huachinango, 1 island jack, 2 pompano, 6 bonito, 11 cabrilla (leopard grouper), 5 barred pargo and 120 triggerfish.

Good fishing, Eric

Yellowfin Tuna Main Action, one Cow Landed ~ October 7, 2017

Anglers –
October 6, 2017

We are now seeing increasing numbers of tourists and visiting anglers arrive in Los Cabos, as the fall season is now underway, in another couple of weeks things will be crazy busy.. Weather patterns have settled down, calmer days, though still quite warm and humid due to low pressure systems forming further to the south, none of this is expected to have any impact with land, just makes it more humid and tropical, increase in swell expected over the weekend. The Baja landscape has definitely transformed to lush green foliage.

The majority of the fleets based out of Puerto Los Cabos Marina are now fishing the grounds from the Gordo Banks to Iman, San Luis and Vinorama. Bait options have included sardinas, caballito and slabs of squid. Most consistent action recently was for yellowfin tuna, drift fishing with various baits was the main technique and average size yellowfin was in the 6 to 15 lb. class, though these same grounds have produced larger tuna in the 30 to 100 lb. range, though there were no big numbers of the larger grade tuna, just mixed in with the smaller fish. Though there is definitely a chance at hooking into a bigger fish. The largest Yellowfin reported this week was taken on Friday by Frank Harbin, from Chico, Ca., while fishing with Gordo Banks Pangas skipper Jesus Pino, the tuna weighed in after a long three hour battle and having died down deep, then slowly inched towards the surface. All around the numbers of fish caught increased this week.

Dorado remained scattered and in limited quantity, most fish were under ten pounds, only an occasional larger specimen accounted for. A few more wahoo starting to be seen, most of these came from the San Luis Bank area and were striking on Rapalas. Sizes ranged 20 to 35 lb. Though still no significant numbers. Ocean water temperatures now in the 82 to 85 degree range, when it cools down a few more degrees that usually helps make the wahoo more active.

Minimal bottom action going on, an occasional red snapper, pargo, amberjack, leopard grouper or triggerfish. Not a lot of billfish action going on, but the anglers that did specifically target these, there were a couple of black marlin landed this past week, other blue and blacks were seen chasing hooked tuna, so even though these billfish are not being found in big numbers, they were in the area, just need a lot of patience if looking to hook into one.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent out approximately 114 charters for the week, with anglers reporting a fish count of: 2 black marlin, 12 wahoo, 4 rainbow runner, 4 amberjack, 630 yellowfin tuna, 38 dorado, 15 yellow snapper, 23 huachinango, 8 cabrilla (leopard grouper), 2 barred pargo and 110 triggerfish.

Good fishing, Eric

More Yellowfin Tuna, Swift Currents, a Few Wahoo ~ September 30, 2017

Anglers –
September 30, 2017

Finally the weather in Los Cabos has changed and it is now actually feeling like fall, with cooler mornings, slightly less humidity and daytime highs a moderate 85 degrees. No new tropical storms on the horizon, last week we were a bit nervous about TS Pilar, but it never amounted to much, as it make contact with mainland Mexica and dissipated. On Tuesday we did have some isolated rain showers which just kind of formed locally, not associated with any tropical storm front, charter boats still went out, because early morning things appeared okay, but most everyone that did venture out became drenched to some degree. Early in the week there were several water spouts sighted, as skies was very tropical. The Baja landscape has transformed into a lush green jungle as a result to this seasons high rainfall total.

Anglers were using a mix of strips of squid and sardinas, concentrating on the fishing grounds from the Gordo Banks north to Vinorama. Very strong current has been running, pushing in off colored greener water on certain grounds, changing daily as to clarity on one area versus others. As a general rule the fishing action can become more sporadic and tougher when such strong currents are present. The most common target species has continued to be the yellowfin tuna, sizes ranging from 5 lb. footballs to 100 lb. Numbers were down in recent days, but some quality tuna were accounted for, all were taken while drift fishing various baits, sardinas, chunks of skipjack, cocinero or strips of squid. The yellowfin were finicky and line shy, so best results came on lighter leaders and smaller pieces of bait. Some of the more significant catches per boat consisted of landing several nicer grade tuna in the 60 to 90 lb. class per morning, though for the most part anglers were fortunate to account for one nice tuna, along with maybe a mix of a few pargo, small dorado or others, no big numbers of anything, but there were some quality fish being brought in every day.

Dorado bite was scarce and mainly for an occasional fish under ten pounds, no wahoo to speak of, though if anglers were to specifically target these fish near Vinorama there is a chance, because East Cape charters have been doing that. A couple of nice amberjack to over 50 lb., one rare 17 lb. golden phased leopard grouper, a handful of huachinango (red snapper) and yellow snapper rounded out the limited bottom action.

Billfish were very scattered, not much being reported on the grounds off of San Jose del Cabo, perhaps better chance for marlin now on the Pacific. No inshore panga action reported, though local surf anglers out of La Playita reported good numbers of barracuda, jack crevalle and a couple of days of nice tripletail action.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent out approximately 105 charters for the week, with anglers reporting a fish count of: 3 sailfish, 35 dorado, 4 wahoo, 1 rainbow runner, 6 amberjack, 225 yellowfin tuna, 12 yellow snapper, 26 huachinango, 1 golden leopard grouper, 4 barred pargo, 3 glass eye snapper (local name) and 80 triggerfish.

Good fishing, Eric