Mixed Bottom, Inshore Action for Anglers ~ March 28, 2021

March 28, 2021

With the first wave of spring break vacationers now arriving, we are seeing many more tourists in town. Though not a high percentage of these visitors are anglers and we are still seeing limited numbers of charters being booked. Weather patterns remained unpredictable, we are feeling an overall warming trend, though still changing daily, mostly clear sunny skies, highs averaging 80 degrees. Ocean temperatures are averaging 69 to 70 degrees, though cooler currents are found near Cabo San Lucas and on the Pacific. Wind cycles remained, predominately out of the north, this has meant a delay in ocean conditions being able to stabilize and become cleaner. This is now the midst of transition time, winter to spring, every year can vary and this year things seem to be settling down later than normal. Typically by mid-April, which is in a couple of weeks, we see ocean temperatures reach the mid-70s, so we do expect this pattern to arrive soon.

Anglers are now finding mainly caballito for the available bait source, with a scattering of sardinas being found. The main fishing grounds now being concentrated on have been from Chileno, Palmilla and north to Iman Bank. Working inshore grounds for a mix of sierra, snapper, jacks and roosterfish. As well as the various rocky high spots throughout the zone. Drift fishing while using various baits and yo-yo jigs produced a large variety of species, more bonito than anything else, the largest species being encountered have been a mix of amberjack, yellowtail and various grouper species, all of these being prized eating specimens.

There were several yellowfin tuna accounted for through the week, they ranged in sizes from 20 to 80 lb. These tuna are hanging around the same high spots and as conditions become more favorable we anticipate more consistent action. There were limited reports of striped marlin be found scattered further offshore, as clarity was cleaner some 15 miles offshore. Still spotty though and we did not have many anglers venturing out to look for this action. As more productive numbers of fish were found closer to shore.

Still quite a few whales hanging around, though typically these would be the final weeks for this before they head back north. We see forecasts of warmer weather for the first week of April, so this should help get conditions more on track.

Good fishing, Eric

Spring Season Arrives, Recent Days Action Improves ~ March 21, 2021

March 21, 2021

Well the official start of spring season has arrived, weather conditions are ideal, with clear sunny skies and high temperatures of 80 degrees, light crowds of tourists, making this a perfect time to visit. North winds slacked over the weekend, we do expect that these patterns to continues and should stabilize during this transition period as days progressively become warmer. Ocean temperature is now averaging 70 to 72 degrees, warmer areas found outside of Cabo San Lucas. Swells are slight.

In the vicinity of the Puerto Los Cabos marina bait supplies remained steady for caballito and sardinas were also obtainable, requiring a bit more patience while waiting for them to be netted each morning. The majority of the limited charters going out each day have been fishing the areas from La Fortuna, Iman Bank and north to Vinorama. Still mainly inshore and bottom action now, with this warming trend we do expect to see more surface activity pick up.

There are now reports of some scattered striped marlin action being found on the outside, some 15 miles or more offshore, where cleaner currents were encountered, this should only improve as conditions become more favorable. Also in recent days a handful of yellowfin tuna to 80 lbs. were landed near the Iman Bank, this was mainly by commercial pangeros bringing large quantities of bait and putting in over time, as the tuna they did hook up with were later in the day while drift fishing with sardinas and also chumming with strips of squid. We did not hear of any wahoo or dorado to speak of, but it is encouraging that these yellowfin are on the local grounds and we expect them to become more prevalent as spring season progresses.

Off the bottom the action was good early in the morning, main species being the bonito, which ranged to 10 lb., also in the mix were a handful of yellowtail and amberjack, with a couple of nicer sized specimens to 50 lb. reported. A mix of cabrilla and grouper as well, a few to 25 lb. plus, as well as some red snapper to round out the action. Off the deeper rocky high spots some of the prized baqueta were accounted for. It does seem that in recent days the all-around bottom action has improved, besides the yo-yo jigs, soaking bait down deep was working.

Along the shoreline we saw more roosterfish action, juvenile fish, but some to over 20 lb. Also quite a few sierra being found along the beach stretches towards the south.

Good fishing, Eric

North Wind Limits Action as Spring Season Nears ~ March 14, 2021

March 14, 2021

We are still seeing light crowds of tourists, though people do seem to now be showing more interest in possibly making travel plans during the coming spring season. Weather has been in transition, though another cold front swept through over the weekend, with strong gusting winds from the north. Ocean temperatures are in the 68 to 70 degree range. Water clarity is spotty greenish, starting to clear up some around the Iman Bank, though this recent cold front did not help stabilize conditions. This entire winter season it seems we have dealt with more wind than usual. Typically with the arrival of spring time we also see progressively warmer and calmer conditions.

Anglers were using some caballito and various sardina species for bait, also a lot of the action off the bottom structure has come on yo-yo jigs. Charter fleets have been fishing areas from Chileno to the Iman Bank and even as far north as Vinorama when weather allowed. With the cooler conditions the most productive action was found down over rocky high spots, up to 200 ft. deep.  There was a wide variety of quality eating species found, though none of them in great numbers, except for the bonito. Highlights were some nice grouper, amberjack, red snapper and an occasional yellowtail.

Inshore there was good sierra action found near Chileno, but also a lot of boat pressure, as this was one of the main options going, especially on windy days, sierra were of nice size, a handful of fish to 8 lb. Chance at pompano, pargo, triggerfish and jack crevalle as well.

Early in the week some of the commercial pangeros and private boaters landed some yellowfin tuna near the Iman Ban, these were quality fish in the 70 to 90 lb. class. These guys were experimenting with the kite and helium balloon techniques, using the gummy flying fish, with the lighter boat pressure they got into some nice fish. Though as weather turned, this action faded out later in the week.

Still quite a few whales in the region, though this is normally the final month we see numbers of these mammals, before they head back on their northern migration.

Good fishing, Eric