No Official Reopening Date Set, Dependent on Virus Containment ~ May 16, 2020


May 16, 2020

Normally during this time frame of the later part of Springtime we would see bustling tourist activity, but of course nothing has been normal at all now for the past couple of months. Without any tourists in sight the Los Cabos area is now pleasantly receiving great weather conditions, progressively warming, though not too extreme yet, clear sunny skies, little wind and high temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s.

Orders are allowing fishing for personal consumption only, though this is not strictly being enforced, though no charters of any tourists is allowed. With the warming weather the fishing has been good for the limited personas venturing offshore. With ocean water temperatures now ranging from a chilly 68 degrees on the Pacific and up to 78 degrees in directions further towards the Sea of Cortez, the more consistent action is being found from the Gordo Banks and north towards Iman Bank.

A variety of action was found, from yellowtail, amberjack, bonito, red snapper and grouper off the structure, to striped marlin, wahoo and yellowfin tuna on the surface. Bait has been limited, though this past week there were sardinas being found near the Puerto Los Cabos Marina jetties. On a negative note there has been illegal pouching reported from inside the protected Cabo Pulmo Preserve, apparently authorities were ignoring enforcement and pirates were taking advantage. In addition there were juvenile roosterfish harvested in large numbers by commercial pirates that have no respect at all for exploiting these prized gamefish that are now jeopardized for future generations.

The Coronavirus has now infected some 3,500 cases in all of Baja, with 540 deaths related. Numbers of infections are still climbing, we have not seen the peak yet. No date has been set for reopening the Tourist Destination, on June 1 the three levels of Government will analysis containment at a National level and this will dictate when certain areas will be able to gradually reopen any tourist activity. Now into two months of confinement, people are anxious, many thinking this is all a hoax, fake news, not taking things serious.

This pandemic has created great problems, there is now an unprecedented economic crisis due to over 80% of the local population reliant on International tourists for their livelihood. The next 15 days will be critical not to relax restrictions, ignoring health authorities alerts of not to leave home, practice social isolation, healthy distancing, will make risk of contagion that much greater and will only delay any reopening of the area to tourists.

School sessions have been closed for the entire semester, now gearing up to open for the fall. Grocery and convenient stores are now ordered to close by 8 p.m. People are only supposed to be outside for basic necessities, no more than one person per vehicle is allowed, though actual enforcement of this rule has been lax enforced and they are still permitting public transportation to operate. All public beaches are still closed.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Eric