Windy Conditions, Wahoo & Dorado Bite ~ November 27, 2022

November 27, 2022 

We saw another wave of holiday vacationers arriving this past week. Weather patterns were great for the fall season, as much of the U.S. is now chilling off quickly. Relentless north winds were an issue, this limited where anglers could comfortably and efficiently put in their efforts. Ocean temperatures were still in the 78 to 80 degree range, warmer than usual for this time frame. This weekend we saw low early morning temperatures dip to 55 degrees, this cooling trend will most certainly contribute to an ocean cooling trend as well. Days were still mostly sunny and highs near 80 degrees. 

Bait options remained the same, caballito, ballyhoo, slabs of squid and some charters were able to catch chihuil. The mackerel which had been schooling offshore of the marina area, seem to have temporarily scattered, in turn slowing the striped marlin action, we expect this action to rebound as water temperature cools some. No reports of any sardinas being found, have not seen these baitfish at all since mid October when big tournaments started.

Despite relentless north winds the local fleets were able to find calmer conditions close to shore on grounds such as Cardon, La Fortuna, at times outside on Iman Bank, but these grounds were more vulnerable to the winds. Wahoo and dorado were found closer to shore where winds did not hit too bad. Trolling live bait was most productive, dorado were found on these same grounds. More wahoo strikes were missed than were actual fish landed, as is normal for these elusive gamefish. Sizes of the wahoo averaged 20 to 35 lb., we saw a few nicer dorado to over 30 lb. this week, though the majority were more in the 10 lb. range. Numbers of fish per charter ranged from one or two to 8 or 10 in combination.

Tuna action still very spotted, a handful of yellowfin were accounted for, from the Vinorama and Iman Banks, these fish ranged to 60 lb. Though drift style fishing is never easy on choppy  and windy grounds. The tuna are definitely in the area still and we are optimistic as wind patterns reside we expect this action to become more consistent.

Not much going on inshore or off the bottom now, most charters are targeting surface action for larger gamefish. Sardinas are always the preferred bait for late fall and winter action closer to shore and for off the shallow rock piles, so we are crossing our fingers that some schools of sardinas will reappear soon.

Good Fishing, Eric

More Wind, Wahoo Highlight Action ~ November 20, 2022

November 20, 2022 

We are now winding down the busy fall season, typically after Thanksgiving we see a lull in tourist activity, as people begin planning for the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays. There were moderate crowds of anglers this past week and weather patterns were increasingly unpredictable, more north winds, most of the week it blew, limited options for anglers, even on the days when forecast predicted lighter breeze. Ocean swells were minimal, except for wind chop on offshore grounds, water temperature was still averaging near 80 degrees. The wind contributed to pushing in currents that were not as clean blue as in previous weeks, a bit off colored. Weather was actually very comfortable now, highs about 80 and lows down to 63 degrees., scattered cloud cover, but also plenty of sunshine.

Sportfishing fleets were fishing the grounds from Palmilla, straight off of San Jose del Cabo, Gordo Banks, La Fortuna, Iman, San Luis and as far north as Vinorama. Most popular grounds were the Iman Bank where wahoo schools were concentrated, bite varied from day to day, as pressure was fairly heavy and these fish became finicky with all the boat traffic. Best chances were trolling live baits such as caballito or chihuil, though dead bait work at times, as did casting yo-yo jigs. We saw wahoo in sizes from 15 lb. on up to one monster 60 lb. ‘hoo that was weighed in on Saturday. On some days charters had as many as five wahoo, others were fortunate to land one, of course as is normal, many of the wahoo strikes were lost, one out of three always seems to be a pretty good average for hook up to actual landing ratio.

These same grounds also produced dorado, a handful of yellowfin tuna, sailfish and striped marlin. Dorado were not nearly as numerous as in recent weeks and most of these were under ten pounds​ ​and exception of a few to 15 lb. 

Best local marlin bite was found straight off marina, 3 to 5 miles offshore, this is where schools of mackerel are showing and attracting striped marlin. A couple more black marlin were landed from off of the Gordo Banks, these were in the 300 to 350 lb. range. One 239 lb. yellowfin was also landed off of these banks, a couple of other cow sized tuna were lost after long battles, as they were seen circling near the boat but ended up breaking off. We expect that chances for these larger fish will continue as long as conditions remain favorable.

Not much to report off the bottom o​r ​near shore, a few sierra were brought in, bonito and triggerfish. Hopefully schools of sardinas will rebound soon, they always are a preferred bait for the inshore and shallow structure action.

Good Fishing, Eric

Larger Tuna, numbers of Wahoo & Dorado ~ November 13, 2022

November 13, 2022 

The annual largest tournaments are now over, though the busy fall season continues, as we are seeing crowds of anglers arriving to take advantage of great angling opportunities now available. The climate is almost perfect now, highs near 80 degrees and lows about 65 degrees, mostly clear sunny days.

Ocean conditions for the most part have been favorable, moderate swells, water tempera rue in the 78 to 81 degree range, clean blue water found close to shore, variable winds, predominantly from the north, first part of the week strong winds blew early in the days, limiting options at times, by the weekend conditions had laid down and seas were ideal.

Still no schools of sardinas being found, closest reports were from La Paz, far out of our range. Bait supplies have now consisted of caballito, ballyhoo, slabs of squid and offshore San Jose del Cabo hotel zone, 3 to 5 miles out, there have been schools of mackerel starting to appear, early season for these grounds, even though water temperature is still quite warm for this late in the month. More anglers are also now trying to catch chihuil , which are great mackerel sized baits that are like candy for wahoo and all other gamefish as well.

Overall this week produced great fishing action. Week started off with wahoo and dorado being the most common species, quite a few sailfish and striped marlin were found on the same grounds, with most charters now congregating on the various locations from the Gordo Banks, Cardon, La Fortuna, Iman, San Luis and to Vinorama. Wahoo were striking on trolled rapalas and on trap hooked live baits. Sizes ranged to over 40 lb., average fish in the 20 to 30 lb. class. Dorado were found scattered throughout, striking on similar offerings, sizes up 15 lb.

Marlin action picked up in local waters, with the arrival of mackerel schools straight off the marina area, within several miles of shore. Off of the Gordo Banks this week a couple of quality black marlin in the 300 to 350 lb. range were landed and brought in. 

After becoming scarce and finicky through much of the week mainly sue to north winds, the yellowfin bite picked up over the weekend, most popular spots being Gordo Banks, Iman and Vinorama. No big numbers, but there was a good chance at catching one or two nice ones. Quality of these fish were impressive, we saw tuna from 20 lb., up close to 150 lb., a high percentage of them over 100 lb. These yellowfin were hitting various baits, from live chihuil, strips of squid and old school chunk of skipjack. Either while drift fishing or on the slow troll.

Again not much along the shoreline yet and bottom action was limited, though we did see a few more bonito and amberjack, the most impressive structure fish was a whopper 60 lb. dogtooth taken off the Inner Gordo.

First pods of whales are now arriving back into local waters after having migrated north to their summer feeding grounds, the coming months we will see peak activity for these mammals.

Good Fishing, Eric