Roosterfish and Marlin Highlight Catches ~ July 5, 2020


July 5, 2020

We are still only seeing minimal numbers of tourists arriving and the majority of these are past regular visitors. Weather settled down, no new storms threatening the area at this time, days are warm and humid, in the low 90’s, very little cloud cover and not much wind to report either.

Ocean conditions were changing, off colored currents moved in, anglers were having to search a bit further offshore to find blue water. Bait supplies consisted of caballito, ballyhoo, mullet and some bolito being found on the fishing grounds. Later in the week the bolito which had been schooling on the San Luis Bank became hard to find. These batfish had been working for targeting the yellowfin tuna, which had ranged in sizes up to 100 lb., no numbers to speak of, but a handful of quality fish were accounted for, but without the bolito for bait this limited options.

Closer to shore there were African pompano, various pargo species, cabrilla, amberjack and bonito, taken over the shallow rock piles, on jigs and baits. Trolling along the beach stretches produced some epic wide open action for roosterfish, some of these fish reaching up to 60 lb. Shore fishermen also got into this action, a few nice size snook were also reported. Some monster sized sierra to 15 lb. were landed, late season for these mackerel species, this is the time when the largest sierra of the season are usually reported.

Not much going on for reports of any dorado or wahoo at this time. Though there was good action for striped marlin found in the vicinity of the Gordo Banks and straight out from there. Trolling ballyhoo seemed to produce best, some charters reported as many as three of four marlin per outing, sizes ranged up to 140 lb.

Light crowds, good fishing, Eric

Mixed Action for Limited Anglers ~ June 27, 2020


June 27, 2020

We saw a limited number of tourists arriving, but at least we are seeing people arrive and this is helping to restart businesses that have been shut down for nearly three months. This will be a slow process, but local population is putting it the extra effort to make the safest environment possible so that people are able to relax and enjoy themselves. The weather was more tropical this past week as a series of tropical disturbances passed off to the southwest, no impact on land being felt, except some cloud cover, humidity and some increased swells. Winds were relatively light, picking up occasionally in the afternoon.

Ocean conditions were changing day to day, off colored and cooler currents pushed in, dropping water temperature down in the lower 70 degree range over the weekend. Large schools of bolito congregated on the fishing grounds north of Punta Gorda. Some larger sized yellowfin tuna seen in the area, though not many were hooked into, as there was limited angler activity. There was one tuna of about 80 lb. reported mid-week.

Most consistent catches were for red snapper (huachinango), amberjack, a few cabrilla and trophy sized roosterfish were patrolling the shoreline, with fish over 50 lb. hooked into. A few late season larger sized sierra in the mix, as well as jack crevalle.

Striped marlin action slowed some due to changing water conditions, though early in the week there were still decent numbers of stripers encountered. As conditions stabilize we do expect action to improve. Soon will be the time when the black and blue marlin move onto local grounds.

Light crowds, good fishing, Eric

Sportfishing Reopens ~ June 21, 2020


June 21, 2020

As of this week the Los Cabos area has begun the reopening process, we have seen the first tourists starting to arrive since early March. This will be a slow process, following new safety protocols which in are now in place. Sportfishing services are now allowed, many restaurants and other businesses also are reopening, all under strict new guidelines.

Summer weather has arrived, typical warm sunny days, little cloud cover, slight breezes and some increase in humidity. We have not seen any signs of any tropical storms developing yet, still early in the season for this, we are hoping that we are spared of any serious impact this summer, we have already dealt with enough this year.

Only a handful of fishing charters went out this week, mainly past regular clients, anxious to get back out on the water. Best action was found north of Iman Bank, near San Luis and Vinorama, this is where cleaner current were found. Water temperatures are in the upper 70’s, caballito, mullet and ballyhoo were available for bait. Anglers did well on yo-yo jigs as well.

Catches included red snapper (huachinango), amberjack, various cabrilla, dogtooth snapper, bonito, wahoo, dorado and striped marlin. Most numerous were the red snapper, biting best early in the day. Only one or two wahoo reported, others strikes were lost, same for dorado, ocean turned a bit off colored for these species. Striped marlin action remained steady, but not wide open like in past weeks, fish were a bit more finicky.

Some quality trophy sized roosterfish found along the shoreline, this is now peak season for these species, please remember that these prized fighting gamefish should always be released with care so that they can live and reproduce and keep future stocks healthy.

We expect some great action coming up and as we get further into summer the yellowfin tuna should become more active on the local high spots, also soon we will see the black and blue marlin appearing.

Back in business, Eric