Gordo Banks Pangas Most Frequently Asked Questions

What time of year is the best all around fishing?
Peak gamefish migrations typically occur during the months of April through November. Each season will vary, fish migrations depend on water temperatures, currents, and bait supplies etc., usually warmer water will attract the largest species. Wintertime action for striped marlin can be excellent, yellowfin tuna, dorado and bottomfish can be found all year round. Tropical weather patterns can be unpredictable during the warm summer months. The most popular and productive months for our charters are April through July and October through January.

What Should I bring with me?

  • Beverages
  • Lunches
  • Hat
  • Polarized Sun Glasses
  • Sun Screen
  • Camera
  • Medium sized ice chest – if you plan to bring fish fillets home
  • Zip-lock freezer bags for your fillets, magic marker for labeling
  • Wind breaker or sweat shirt for cool evenings and early mornings
  • Removable long pants that shorts can fit underneath
  • Shorts, swimwear and extra T-shirts
  • An assortment of U.S. dollar bills, including smaller domination for tipping etc…
  • U.S. Passport (needed for Airlines and Customs, not required on the fishing charter
  • Watch, Alarm Clock
  • Various snacks to enjoy while fishing – inside your ice chest

Do the guides speak English?
Our guides do not speak fluent English but do know some words and phrases. They have lived in this area all of their lives and are skilled fishermen who give their best effort to make your day enjoyable.

Are the pangas equipped with VHF radios?
Yes, all of our charters are equipped with VHF radios for safety.

Do the boats have tops for shade?
All of our charters have either fixed T-Tops or Bimini Tops, which are folded up for storage when not in use.

The 28 ft. to  35 ft. Cruisers all have enclosed bathrooms.  Most of the 26 ft. Super Pangas have Porta Potty facility.

Do we supply all of the necessary fishing equipment?
Yes, we do supply all of the necessary fishing equipment that you will need, including rods, reels and terminal tackle. We do recommend that you bring your own yo-yo style iron jigs if you plan on concentrating on bottomfish. Our boats are outfitted with a majority of Seeker and Cal Star rods, matched with Penn, Diawa and Shimano reels. We have quality equipment that is well maintained and definitely superior to other local fleets.

What is the amount of a typical tip for the guide?
An average tip for the services of your guide is 15% to 20% of total charter rate. There is no set fee and you can tip accordingly.

Is the live bait included with price of the charter?
No, live bait is not included in the price of the charter. The bait situation is continually changing, at times anglers can catch their own larger baits for offshore trolling and at other times you have the option of purchasing what is available from local pangeros. Usually you will find out what bait is available immediately after launching. It is always recommended to purchase bait when it is readily available, better to have it than not. You can expect to pay an average of $20 per boat, depending on availability, quantity and supply and demand..

How long of boat ride to the fishing grounds?
The typical length of the boat ride to the various fishing grounds is 30 to 40 minutes, or 10 to 15 miles. We normally concentrate on the areas to the north, in the Sea of Cortez, and usually within 5 miles of shore.

When do the boats leave in the morning and for how long?
Our Panga Charters depart at first daylight, typically 6:00 to 6:30 a.m., depending on the season, trips are for six hours. Cruiser charters launch at 6:30 a.m. and are for seven hours.

How many people can go? What if some of them do not fish?
The 23 ft. Super Pangas accommodate two persons (exception being small sized children). The 26 ft. Super Pangas can accommodate three anglers comfortably and up to four if the group consists of parents with small children. Cruiser Charters can take three to five passengers, depending on size of people and which boat is reserved. Capacity does not matter if some people are just going to watch and will not be fishing. Mexican regulations require that all passengers that are 12 years old and older need to posses a valid Mexican fishing license, no matter is they are fishing or just watching.

Are lunches and beverages included?
We do not include lunches or beverages in the charter price

Do the charters all carry life preservers?
Yes, all of our charters are equipped with life preservers.

What can we expect to do on an average charter?
A typical charter will take you where the skipper has learned that the most consistent fishing action at that particular time is taking place. You will usually start at the furthest areas and then on the way back try some different places. You could expect to break up the day by doing some surface trolling with both bait and lures and then some drift fishing over rocky pinnacles. You can troll up to four surface lures but while trolling bait it is best to use only two or three lines to minimize tangles.

Where can we freeze our catch to take home with us?
The majority of local Resorts will freeze your catch for you, please check directly with them to confirm this.

Are deposits refundable in case of foul weather?
Yes, Deposits are completely refundable if the boats are unable to launch due to rain, high winds or rough surf conditions.

How far in advance do you need to make reservations?
During the peak fall season of October through November it is wise to book your panga charter dates at least several months in advance, but the rest of the year you will need to book only a month before.

What are some of the more popular restaurants in San Jose del Cabo?
Tropicana, Claro’s, Habaneros, Zipper’s, Taqueria Mexico, Hangman’s, Zac’s, Buzzard’s, Tacos Rossy, Marina Inn, Drunken Sailor, La Marina, Toro Guero

What is the easiest way to contact the Gordo Banks Pangas fleet once we arrive in Los Cabos?
The best way to contact your charter representative (Eric Brictson) once you have arrived in Los Cabos is to e-mail to ericgordobanks@yahoo.com or call 624 14-21147, if the machine answers please leave your name, hotel and room number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is not included in the charter price?
The charter price does not include Mexican Fishing License (individual one day fishing license currently cost $300 (pesos, or $20 usd, better deal than paying in dollars), they are sold by an official early in the morning at the same dock area where we meet. The licenses are also available for purchase at local La Comer Super Market. On Line is another option, Web Site for Mexican Fishing License to be purchased online is.  https://www.sportfishingbcs.gob.mx/, just skip page that asks if you are a foreigner and for $400 pesos, that is not necessary

Please remember to have printed copy, not just in memory on your cellular.

Additional extras are: lunches, beverages, live bait, customary tip for skipper/crew, fee for fish filleting service, or transportation to and from the launch area of La Playita in Puerto Los Cabos Marina.

Taxi fares to and from launching area?
Average taxi fares from local resorts to our launching area vary from $20 to $30 each way. Rental vehicles can be another transportation option. Contracting Uber is another option.

Directions to our launch area

There are no numbered addresses or large signs to follow to the La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos Marina panga charter area. You will head into downtown San Jose del Cabo on Mijares Blvd. and take the road (Juarez) that is directly across from the Red Cross/Fire Station and head east onto the new elevated bridge, this goes for about 3/4 of a mile over the arroyo flood zone, now arriving to marina area, veer left at the Man with Fish metal sculpture, keep going straight past where the first entrance is seen on right, where it says Swim with Dolphins, Sales Center, Port Office, Container Restaurant, etc. Follow signs in the direction of the Hotel El Ganzo, Continue to the next turn about (Glorieta) and stay towards the right and go up over the hill and back down the back side of the same steep incline, at bottom of the hill, make a right, go approximately 200 yards and the road goes left at turn about, now up over a short incline and down the other side about few hundred yards and you encounter the final turn about, now turn to the right and follow the road, marina edge is on your rt., continue all the way towards the channel entrance where you will encounter the Hotel El Ganzo, we are located in the panga area, just northeast of this hotel, on the ocean side, turn in to the right, this is where we will meet you. Mexican fishing licenses are sold at this same area.

See you there in the morning, Eric