Red Crabs Entice Red Snapper ~ January 30, 2022

January 30, 2022

As much of the United States and Canada are enduring record freezing temperatures, with some blizzard white out conditions, here in Southern Baja we are enjoying ideal winter time climate, clear sunny skies with highs in the mid to upper 70s. The week started off a bit cooler, with unusual low highs of 73 degrees, but through the week the days progressively warmed up and was hard to beat considering we are now in peak winter season. Winds were from the north, but most of the time was not a negative factor, increasing later in the day.

Fleets have been spread out in all directions. This last week we saw cold green water push in from the north, out of the Sea of Cortez, currents as cold as 68 to 70 degrees, green water all the way to Cabo San Lucas. Warmer cleaner water is now found straight out from Cabo San Lucas and on the Pacific, where currents were up to 76 degrees.  Bait supplies were mainly for caballito and ballyhoo out of San Jose del Cabo, with some mackerel being found on the Pacific. Still no reports of schooling sardinas, we really miss this bait source, they are so beneficial for the inshore and shallow water structure action.

San Jose del Cabo fleets fished the grounds from Red Hill to Santa Maria and north to Iman and La Fortuna. Main action now with how ocean conditions have been, is for bottom species. Pelagic red crabs have also appeared on local high spots, this always gets the red snapper bite going, it is kind of like a local gold rush, all the commercial pangeros are working overtime, taking advantage while they can. 

Sportfishing flees have been catching a mix of red snapper, yellow snapper, bonito, amberjack, Alamo jack, barred pargo, leopard grouper and others, including at least one blackfin jack, a rare species for local waters. Early in the season now for amberjack, though we did see a handful of these hard fighters, as large as 25 lb. Most of this bottom action is for fish in the 5 to 10 lb. range, all great eating.

Only a few smaller sized dorado were accounted for and early in the week there was one 35 lb. wahoo landed in the green water on a yo-yo jig. Closer to shore there were some sierra, limited numbers, again we are missing the preferred sardinas for bait to get this inshore action into a frenzy.  

Offshore and in the direction of Cabo San Lucas there were scattered striped marlin reported, though better action for the billfish now has been found on the Pacific.

Good Fishing, Eric

Good Winter Dorado and Wahoo action ~ January 23, 2022

January 23, 2022

Light crowds now in Southern Baja, a great time to visit and enjoy the winter sunshine. This week we felt more normal weather conditions, unlike the heat wave of last week. Days were mostly cloud free, lots of sunshine, warming up into the upper 70s, though we did feel chilly lows of 55 degrees.  Still very comfortable compared to most of North America. Winds were predominantly from the north, resided over the weekend, most days were a non factor, as they picked up later in the day.

Bait resources were mainly for caballito and ballyhoo, with some sardineta and mackerel also being found on local fishing grounds. Ocean was on a cooling trend, 73 degree greenish current pushing itself south from Los Frailes, as much of the region off of San Jose del Cabo is holding 74 to 76 degrees, still warmer than usual for this time of year. Most charters are now fishing the grounds from Punta Gorda to La Fortuna. 

Most common catches have been for dorado, ranging up to 20 lb, with many boats landing their two fish per license limits. Wahoo were hanging around longer than normal this season, found fairly close to shore while trolling various baits and while casting jigs. Average size were under 20 lb., though we did see a couple of wahoo over 45 lb. Actually Sunday morning there is a wahoo tournament going on, 31 teams are competing for jackpot prizes that also include dorado and tuna.

Yellowfin tuna have not been regular catches for local fleets recently, though far offshore there have been yellowfin found traveling with schooling porpoise, too far for normal day charters to target. Marlin bite became more scattered, as large schools of baitfish have dispersed more and the striped marlin are moving around more, not just concentrated on certain spots. With more anglers now fishing closer to shore where action was good for dorado and wahoo. 

Not a lot of bottom action going on,though we did see some various snapper, cabrilla, bonito, tile fish and triggerfish come in. Along the beach stretches there have been some sierra, no big numbers, but they are now moving in, these fish prefer the cooler water. Lack of sardinas continues to be a set back for the inshore and shallow bottom options.

Good Fishing, Eric

Heat Wave, Improved Action ~ January 16, 2022

January 16, 2022

Another light week for the number of tourists arriving in the Los Cabos region. Though weather conditions were ideal, an actual heat wave for winter time is not a normal deal. Sunny days reaching up to 85 degrees, felt more like early fall or late spring. Winds were variable, mainly from the north, but did not affect fishing much, as good fishing was found in close proximity. Ocean water temperatures varied from 73 to 77 degrees, coolest areas north near Los Frailes, where water color was also greenish.

Schools of baitfish were still found offshore from San Jose del Cabo hotel zone, where mackerel, caballito and sardineta were congregating. Other options have been ballyhoo and chihuil. Fleets have searched all different directions, most popular grounds recently were near La Fortuna, Punta Gorda and from Red Hill to straight offshore of San Jose del Cabo. 

Striped marlin action remains very good, most boats targeting the billfish have had multiple opportunities, more often 4 to 10 miles from shore. Feeding marlin were often encountered and made for some fast action. Sizes ranged from 70 to 120 lb. These same grounds produced a mix of dorado, though more numbers of dorado were found closer to shore, where charters were often landed limits for their clients. Sizes ranged to 20 lb. average were more often about 10 lb.

Wahoo action was scattered and hit or miss, best chances seem to be from Punta Gorda to La Fortuna, a few wahoo in the 50 lb. class were accounted for, but no significant numbers at all, took a lot of patience and effort to have a realistic chance. This coming Sunday Puerto Los Cabos is having a wahoo tournament, should be interesting to see how the wahoo cooperate, there are also jackpots involved for tuna and dorado.

Bottom action showed a little better signs of improvement, as a handful of nice leopard grouper, yellow snapper, barred pargo and bonito were accounted for.Inshore there were some juvenile sized roosterfish and sierra being found, but no big numbers, we are missing the live sardinas for this action. Environmental changes seem to be contributing to not seeing these baitfish in our area for the past several months.

Good Fishing, Eric