Conditons Rebound, Tuna Bite Early ~ June 22, 2019

Anglers –

June 22, 2019

Well the summer season is now officially here, local weather patterns are steadily warming, some scattered morning cloud cover, quickly burning off as the sun rises higher into the sky, daytime highs reaching 90 degrees. We noticed more crowds of family vacationers arriving, taking advantage of early summer vacation time. Winds were lighter, mainly picking up from the south later in the day. Ocean water temperatures has quickly rebounded back near the 80 degree mark in the direction of San Jose del Cabo and further north. Also clarity is much cleaner on these same grounds in the direction of the Sea of Cortez, while the Pacific still remains greenish and much cooler.

In and around the marina area the bait vendors are finding caballito, mullet and some moonfish, other bait options has been strips of squid and ballyhoo, as well as some bolito and smaller sized black skipjack on the offshore fishing grounds. Anglers are also using yo-yo style jigs for a mix of some bottom action.

Sportfishing fleets are mainly concentrating on the grounds from the Iman to San Luis Bank, not much found on the scouting trips to the Gordo Banks, besides shark and a few billfish. The more productive action has been switching back and forth daily, some days San Luis, others on the Iman. Drift fishing for yellowfin tuna with strips of squid, as well as slow trolling live baits, has resulting in yellowfin tuna catches, fish ranged in sizes from 15 lb. to 80 lb. No big numbers, most boats were having at least a chance or two, some charters landing as many as three or four tuna, the best action seemed to be earlier in the morning.

These same grounds were producing an occasional dorado, a few nicer sized bulls over 25 lb. were accounted for, but only a scattered fish or two, at least we are seeing these prized fighting and popular gamefish present in local waters, they had been absent for a long time during the cooler winter and spring seasons.

The same areas where these surface species are being encountered, there have been options off the bottom while drift fishing with various baits and using the yo-yo style jigs. There were a few variety of grouper, pompano, amberjack, red snapper, yellow snapper, bonito and others on these rocky high spots. All of these being excellent table fare.

All along the beach stretches now is a great time for slowing baits for roosterfish, now the peak season for these gamefish, good chances at hooking into fish over 40 lb., even to 50 and 60 lb. Remember that this species is known for their prized fighting capabilities, not for eating quality, these fishing should always be released, care should be taken while taking a quick photo for documentation of the catch before releasing.

Striped marlin are scattered throughout the area now, right around the Iman bank and towards the Gordo Banks, no huge concentrations, but if you are interested in catching one of these fish, the odds are fairly high now that you find opportunity. Most of the stripers are now averaging 70 to 120 lb. Will not be long until we start seeing the larger blue and black marlin showing up in the warmer summer currents.

The combined sportfishing fleet launching out of the panga area from Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent out an estimated 78 charters for the week and anglers reported an approximate fish count of: 14 striped, 9 dorado, 48 yellowfin tuna, 3 dogtooth snapper, 8 leopard grouper, 4 African pompano, 180 Mexican bonito, 34 red snapper, 12 yellow snapper, 13 amberjack, 44 roosterfish, 14 jack crevalle and 70 triggerfish.

Good Fishing, Eric

South Wind Turns Over Conditions ~ June 15, 2019

Anglers –

June 15, 2019

With the official start to the summer season set to start next weekend we continue to see fluctuating crowds of visiting anglers, last week we had increased numbers now this week we see fewer people arriving. Weather is progressively heating up, high temperatures into the lower 90’s. Later in the week we saw more marine cloudy and overcast conditions. While Pacifica waters are still cool, in the upper 60’s, off of San Jose del Cabo the ocean reached 80 degrees, swirling winds were unpredictable, earlier in the week we felt breezes predominately from the north, laying down mid-week, then later in the week it was the south wind that really kicked up, actually blowing conditions out on Friday and contributed in pushing in colder greenish Pacific water, ocean temperatures dropped to 70 degrees overnight. Now as weather settles conditions will rebound quickly.

The fishing action last week was very encouraging, as we saw more numbers of yellowfin tuna, continued quality action for striped marlin, a few dorado finally showing up, as well as options inshore for roosterfish and for a mix of quality eating bottom species. This week with weather patterns a bit more unstable we had much more scattered overall action, changing from day to day, but the tuna action and marlin proved more elusive and even bottom produced minimal. There were some highlights though, with anglers catching and release trophy sized 50 lb. roosterfish, even landing a couple of wahoo, dorado, sailfish and striped marlin and an occasional nice sized amberjack or red snapper. A lot of variety in the area, though no particular species was overly numerous.

With warmer currents the local bait vendors were finding more caballito, as well as moonfish, ballyhoo and slabs of squid were also available. Inside the Puerto Los Cabos Marina channel we saw mass schools of jack crevalle breaking into a feeding frenzy and local anglers got into this action, chasing these 25 lb. jacks around the docks and jetties.

The action on the San Luis Bank for the Mexican bonito and red snapper while working the yo-yo jigs proved much more difficult in recent days, the weather did not help at times, the tuna had been hitting early in the week on trolled caballito and strips of squid, yellowfin ranging from 20 to 80 b., but this action came to a standstill later in the week.

This transition period can often be like this, sometimes it is not until mid-July before conditions really stabilize and we finally have more consistent day to day action.

These next couple of weeks is when we historically see some of the largest sized roosterfish of the season. We expect to see mass migration of mullet baitfish to move in any time, this in turn brings in more of these inshore gamefish.

The combined sportfishing fleet launching out of the panga area from Puerto Los Cabos Marina reported an estimated 70 charters for the week and anglers reported an approximate fish count of: 1 sailfish, 7 dorado, 2 wahoo, 7 striped marlin, 19 yellowfin tuna, 2 dogtooth snapper, 11 leopard grouper, 98 Mexican bonito, 32 red snapper, 14 amberjack, 24 roosterfish, 22 jack crevalle, 4 yellow snapper and 70 triggerfish.

Good Fishing, Eric

Yellow Tuna, Striped Marlin Bite ~ June 8, 2019

Anglers –

June 8, 2019

This week we did see more numbers of anglers arriving, they were greeting with great ocean conditions for the most part, some late morning and afternoon winds earlier in the week, settling down by the weekend. Swells were moderate, water temperatures on the Sea of Cortez side were averaging 77 to 78 degrees, while colder conditions in the 66 range were still plaguing the Pacific. The local climate continued to be ideal, not too hot yet, weather now in the low to mid 80s, some early morning marine cloud cover burning off as the sun rose higher, cool  Pacific waters are helping to keep air temperatures mild.

Most all of the fishing action is now in the direction of San Jose del Cabo and to the north. The striped marlin bite came on strong this week, as these fish were found spread out throughout the zone, anywhere from two to ten miles from shore. Bait supplies consisted of mainly moonfish, ballyhoo and some caballito, with lots of smaller skipjack and some bolito found schooling on the fishing grounds. The majority of the marlin were striking on various baitfish, though they would also hit trolled lures, the stripers were weighing in the 70 to 120 lb. range.

After a long absence we were now hearing of more reports of dorado being seen, some landed, most were smaller, but we did hear of a couple of nice fish found further offshore that were in the 20 lb. class. We do expect to find more of these gamefish moving in, as water conditions are now more favorable. No reports of wahoo, though the way the water shaping up, something could develop on that at any time.

Many charters are still working the yo-yo jigs off of the rocks high spots for the Mexican bonito, red snapper, cabrilla and amberjack, though this action providing some quality eating fish, most of these fish were under ten pounds. Inshore there were jack crevalle, a few pargo and roosterfish, to over 30 lb., though the annual migration of the mass schools of mullet has yet to appear, this is what normally will bring in the main run of the quality sized roosterfish, everything seems to be running a bit later than normal this season, included this marlin bite that now is happening.

On the San Luis Bank anglers were finding chances at quality yellowfin tuna up to 100 lb., no big numbers yet, but every day we have seen these tuna brought in and all of them seem to be at least 40 lb., with the majority being over 70 lb. Striking mainly while drift fishing with strips of squid, a handful even hit on yo-yo jigs. Some days were better than others, factors of sea lions, sharks and crowds came into play. But this week we saw more tuna action than in the past couple of months, so that is a promising sign.

This is also now the time when we should start seeing more amberjack and dogtooth snapper appear. Often these fish will be found close to shore during June and July, before moving further offshore to the high spots as summer progresses

The combined sportfishing fleet launching out of the panga area from Puerto Los Cabos Marina reported an estimated 98 charters for the week and anglers reported an approximate fish count of: 9 dorado, 44 striped marlin, 19 yellowfin tuna, 4 dogtooth snapper, 15 leopard grouper, 210 Mexican bonito, 70 red snapper, 12 amberjack, 45 roosterfish, 12 jack crevalle and 90 triggerfish.

Good Fishing, Eric