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Marlin & Dorado Continue to Highlight Action ~ January 2, 2022

January 2, 2022

Happy New Year’s !

As large crowds of vacationers continued to arrive in Los Cabos we all welcomed the New Year and were greeted with a cold front, on Friday we felt sporadic rain showers and stronger south winds. Looks as though by the start of this coming week conditions will settle down and once again be warm and sunny. This coming week will be the final busy holiday rush, as people will be returning back from vacation to work and school semesters.

Through this past week the highlight for fishing action was the bite going on straight out from San Jose del Cabo. Concentrated on the grounds from 4 to 6 miles offshore. This area has been holding concentrations of baitfish, mainly mackerel and sardineta, which in turn has attracted schools of striped marlin and dorado. Local fleets, as well scores of boats from Cabo San Lucas are all getting in on this action, definitely heavy boat pressure. Mainly striped marlin being hooked into, at times seen feeding on the surface, fast action all at once, then again the fish would go down and bite would shut off. Sizes ranged to 120 lb. for the marlin, a few sailfish to 80 lb. mixed in. Dorado were found on these same grounds as well as much closer to shore, striking best on various baitfish., average size in the 10 to 15 lb. range, with few exceptions of larger bulls up to 25 lb.

No tuna to speak of, except for some private boaters with longer range have been finding some yellowfin action associated with porpoise, though this was some 40 miles from shore and with windier offshore conditions made this a hit or miss proposition. Wahoo action was very limited, these fish are definitely still in the area, as water temperatures remained warmer than normal, in the 77 to 80 degree range. It seems that the wahoo are just very spooked from being chased relentlessly by spear fishermen, who have continued to capture quite a few wahoo, mainly close to shore off of Punta Gorda. Though these weary fish just will not strike readily on any offering of anglers lures or baitfish.

Bottom action limited to a mix of mostly smaller species and inshore there have been some sierra and small sized roosterfish. Lack of smaller sardinas have made the shallow water structure and inshore action more difficult. We have not heard of any sardinas being found locally. plenty of caballito available and ballyhoo are commonly being rigged for bait as well.

Added attractions included sea lions, manta rays, turtles and lots of whale sightings.

Good Fishing, Eric

Holiday Crowds Find Marlin & Dorado ~ December 26, 2021

December 26, 2021 


Busy times now with crowds of holiday vacationers arriving. Being greeted with ideal winter time weather, clear sunny skies with highs of 80 degrees, perfect for scores of outdoor activities being offered.

Large schools of baitfish have now shifted in the direction of San Jose del Cabo, mackerel, chihuil and sardineta. This influx has attracted striped marlin in strong numbers, as well as dorado. Main action is now being encountered from Red Hill/Palmilla to straight off of San Joe del Cabo hotel zone, anywhere from 4 to six miles from shore. Most charters targeting the billfish have had multiple chances. Mid week there was even a 300 plus lb. blue marlin landed, as well as a handful of sailfish, though main species were the striped marlin, ranging up to 120 lb. The majority in the 60 to 90 lb. class.

Dorado were found throughout the region, but not in large numbers, most of the time in smaller sized schools, average size were 8 to 15 lb, though a few bulls to over 20 lb. were seen.

No tuna action to speak of this past week. Wahoo were very scarce as well, though conditions are still prime from them to go on another bite. Ocean temperature ranged 77 to 80 degrees through most of the area, clear blue water found close to shore. 

Still no sardina schools being found, bait supplies were mainly for caballito and ballyhoo, though mackerel and sardineta were also schooling on grounds and could be jigged up on sabiki rigs. Inshore and shallow water bottom action was limited, a few smaller sized roosterfish, sierra, various snapper, pargo,cabrilla, triggerfish, and bonito. We also saw at least one amberjack of about 20 lb. Last year at this same time frame we did have sardinas available and that made for more options.

Good Fishing, Eric

Strong Marlin Bite off San Jose del Cabo ~ December 19, 2021

December 19, 2021

One week before Christmas Holiday, fairly quiet in town this past week, noticeably less tourists, during the holiday and through New Year we do expect to see larger crowds. Weather remains very pleasant, highs near 80 degrees, scattered light clouds, burning off early and then plenty of warm sunshine. On and off winds predominantly from the north, though was not much of a factor most days, anglers would have to adjust plans on where they could comfortably fish. Ocean temperatures are still in the 77 to 79 degree range.

Schools of mackerel, chihuil and sardinetas are now moving in on the grounds off of San Jose del Cabo. This has brought the striped marlin run along as well. Great marlin action now being found straight off of the hotel zone anywhere from 3 to 8 miles. Sizes ranged up to occasional 100 lb. plus fish. Most all charters targeting these billfish were having multiple chances per morning. In fact it was now easier to hook into a marlin compared to other species such as wahoo, tuna and dorado. A handful of dorado were mixed throughout the region, some as large as 25 lb, the average more like 10 lb. Though they are not consistent from day to day, and are not being found in large schools.

Yellowfin tuna action has been out of range of most daily charters, being found associated with moving porpoise an average of 30 miles or more offshore. For the few that have ventured out, mainly on private boats, they have reported nice quality fish of 25 to 50 lb., even a few larger. We are hoping that these fish  come closer into our normal range soon. Of course the commercial purseiners have now found these schools as well. It is a shame this area never had been simply designated as a sportfishing only zone, with restrictions of such commercial activity.

Wahoo action slowed down dramatically for rod and reel anglers, even though conditions appear to be ideal, as far as clarity, water temperature, etc… as the main area where wahoo were now found schooling was close to shore off of Punta Gorda and the spear fishermen have literally taken over this area. Harvesting way too many of these sought after gamefish. This heavy pressure has made these already spooky fish that much more finicky as for actually chasing down a lure or striking a bait. Wish they would enforce some kind of quota for these spearos and give the conventional anglers a chance.

Not much going along the shore or of the bottom, a mix of mostly smaller species, again we are missing not having the sardinas for bait. At least some mackerel and sardineta are showing up, they will open up some more options for anglers.

Good Fishing, Eric