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Wahoo,Dorado,Tuna keep Anglers Searching ~ November 6, 2022

November 6, 2022 

Cabo San Lucas was filled with anglers this past week, as the last of the big fall tournaments was held, the WON Tuna Jackpot, with 157 teams battling for a share of the 1.5 million dollars in pay outs. Once again local La Playita teams did very well, Castro’s Tournament Team with Captain Chame Pino placed second overall with their 144 lb. Yellowfin tuna and team Burro took home a cool 260K while sweeping the 10K and 20k pots with their 50 lb. tuna on the second day. Wind played a major factor on both days, as gusts of 30 mph made it almost impossible for participants to follow any set game plans they  might have had. Most of the action that was found was from the Gordo Banks. Largest wahoo was a 50 lb fish and a 40 lb dorado took top spot in that category.

The week started out calm, three nice days, before wind from the north blew Thursday through Saturday. Until the wind slowed bite, great action for wahoo was reported on the grounds to the north of Punta Gorda, as wahoo were hitting on trolled rapalas as well as various baits. Most fish averaged 25 to 35 lb., though there was one wahoo over 60 lb. accounted for. Some charters landed as many as four ‘hoo during a morning charter. 

Mid week both dorado and yellowfin tuna picked up. Many dorado in the 10 to 15. class and tuna of 20 to 70 lb. were hitting the strips of squid on the Vinorama grounds.

Options for bait continued to be caballito, ballyhoo, slabs of squid and some boats were able to find a few chihuil. Still no sardinas, heavy tournament pressure has contributed to cleaning out local bait resources and we will now wait to see how long it takes for schools of these baitfish to rebound.

Water temperature was still averaging 80 degrees so we are anticipating good action through this month and into December.Still not much going off the bottom or inshore, a few sierra starting to be seen and mainly triggerfish off the bottom, we did see one small sized black sea bass, not a very common species in local waters.

Good Fishing, Eric–

More Wahoo Bite, Tuna Tougher ~ October 30, 2022

October 30, 2022 

Busy times now in Southern Baja, especially so in Cabo San Lucas, the largest tournament of the year just finished this week. I believe it was 219 teams battling for a record payout of 11.6 million dollars. Only three qualifying marlin of over 300 lb. were brought to scales, enough to keep the event going, each year becoming more popular. Next big tournament scheduled will be the WON Tuna Jackpot, with the two fishing days being Nov. 3 &4, slated to have record payout up for grabs as well.

Weather patterns have been typical for fall season,winds out of the north, blowing in cycles, mainly increasing later in the morning, though are a bit unpredictable. This coming week is forecast to be much calmer. Days have been clear and sunny, 80 degrees, though early morning has dipped to 65 degrees, starting to be chilly enough where you need a wind breaker for the ride out. Ocean swells are minimal, there was high wind chop further offshore, water temperature now averaging in the 80 to 83 degree range.

While tournament boats targeted the larger billfish offshore, the local sportfishing charters were closer to shore, working areas from La Fortuna, Iman, San Luis and Vinorama for yellowfin tuna, dorado and wahoo. First part of the wind was a negative factor on the grounds further to the north, conditions settled over the weekend.

Bait sources always become scarcer during these periods of heavy boat pressure. No sardinas now, there have been some caballito, ballyhoo and slabs of squid. Wahoo activity increased this week, everyday we are seeing more of these prized gamefish, some charters are landing two or three per morning, of course many others were being lost. Sizes ranged up to 40 lb. These speedsters were striking on high speed trolled rapalas, ballyhoo and trap hooked live baits. Most productive grounds were to the north of Punta Gorda.

Dorado were found scattered about in small numbers on these same grounds, the majority of the do-dos found were under ten pounds. Definitely far less dorado now than in previous weeks. We anticipate a new wave of fish to show before long, all of the fish that had migrated into So Cal waters should be heading back south by now.

After a flurry of quality tuna action the previous week, this week was much tougher, a few scattered fish found, some on grounds from Iman to Vinorama and others associated with porpoise. The tuna are definitely in the area, conditions are favorable, though fish also become increasingly weary of boat traffic with each passing season. The fish we did see ranged from 10 to 70 lb. We are optimistic the yellowfin action will improve before long.

Still not much bottom or inshore action to report, mainly triggerfish, a few small snapper and bonito.

Good Fishing, Eric

Busy Times, Big Marlin & Tuna Show ~ October 23, 2022

October 23, 2022 

Larger crowds of anglers continue to arrive, as this is now peak fall season and also time when the annual series of high stake world class fishing tournaments occur. This week will be the largest event of them all, the Bisbee’s Black and Blue with some 200 teams competing for some 10 million dollars in prize money to be handed out.

Weather patterns were fairly stable through the week, typical north winds becoming predominant. Some mornings there was wind early, other days it picked up later in the day. Over the weekend we were following the rapidly intensifying Hurricane Roslyn, this system reached category four strength and fortunately for the Los Cabos area there was no impact as the system shifted directions to the southeast, striking mainland Mexico between Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta as a major hurricane. Increased swells locally and forecast of more winds to start this week, no rainfall at all.

Overall ocean conditions were favorable, clarity was clean close to shore, water temperature was averaging 82 to 84 degrees. Heavy pressure now on all bait sources, particularly the sardinas, were found schooling closer to Cabo San Lucas now and  by the weekend were becoming scarce, only so much natural resource to supply the hundreds of charters. Other bait options were ballyhoo, slabs of squid, caballito, as well as skipjack, bolito and some chihuil found on offshore grounds.

Charters started the week fishing grounds from Palmilla to Vinorama. Palmilla produced good early morning action for medium sized dorado with a few wahoo up to 35 lb. mixed in.

Billfish were found further offshore, now in local waters there are sailfish, striped, blue and black marlin being encountered. Again heavy boat pressure on popular fishing grounds, though we have seen several large marlin of 500 lb and heavier accounted for in the past week.

Yellowfin action was sporadic, action on the San Luis Bank to Vinorama was on and off, yellowfin averaging 50 to 90 lb. were being hooked into, most of these of the strips of squid, bite was tough, lots of patience needed, but did seem to pick up again later in the week. 

The most recent tournament just finished was the Bisbee Offshore, close to 200  teams chasing larger marlin, as well as tuna and dorado jackpots. Congratulations to local teams “Felin Azul” who had 1 st day largest 176 lb. tuna, as well as biggest marlin overall with their late hour 555 lb. black marlin. Then team “Burro” crewed by local La Playita pangeros, including Chame Pino, won the 2 nd day tuna jackpot with their 95 lb. yellowfin. These larger winning tuna were taken off of the Gordo Banks, inciting news because it has been a long time since the cow sized tuna were found on these grounds.

Not much inshore or bottom action reported now. We did see some of the season’s first sierra starting to bite, most of these on the live sardinas and in the direction of Cabo San Lucas.

Good Fishing, Eric