Virus Shuts down Tourism ~ April 4, 2020


April 4, 2020

We just wanted to give an update from Southern Baja. All tourism is shut down, hotels, restaurants, beaches, Marina activities etc. We have heard reports of some 20 confirmed cases of COVID 19 coronavirus, though reports are limited and actual testing even more so. Local schools are shut down until at least April 30, more likely the entire school year. Mexico is about one month behind of what the United States is dealing with as for progression of this extremely contagious virus. Many locals are not really taking the situation seriously, as for isolation, ignoring authority’s warnings of safe distancing, still gathering for social and family events.

Puerto Los Cabos Marina was officially closed to all activities, several days after the Port authority’s did the same in Cabo San Lucas, but apparently in our marina they are not strictly enforcing the no fishing aspect, locals are still fishing daily, a handful of pangeros, saying they are just fishing for food for their families, though are also making profit on the side.

As soon as our operations were shut down, just like the clock work the local fishing action  improved, very good catches now for wahoo, yellowfin tuna, some bottom action for cabrilla, amberjack and red snapper, as well as even a few dorado. Wahoo are congregated around the Iman Bank, striking on both rigged baitfish and Rapalas. The yellowfin were found also on these same grounds, mainly hitting while drift fishing with strips of squid and they were ranging in sizes up to 100 lb. The wahoo were averaging 25 to 50 lb.

So we are basically on home lock down, only making necessary trips for necessary provisions, gasoline prices have dropped some for the first time in memory, but does not really matter since we are not using much of that now. Great time to catch up on home maintenance projects, vehicles, boats, etc. More spare time than we are used to having

Stay Safe, Eric

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