Shut Down Continues, Through May at Least ~ April 25, 2020


April 25, 2020

Wanted to give an update of what is going on in Southern Baja. As we progress through this unprecedented spring season with no tourists in sight, it is now actually starting to feel a bit like summer the last few days, daytime highs of 85 degrees, clear sunny skies with very little wind. Baja California now has over 1300 confirmed cases and 136 deaths related to the Covid-19 Pandemic, consensus is that these figures are on the low side.

Mexico, including Baja, has now entered Phase 3 of the Pandemic, which means that we are now in the midst of highest chances of this virus spreading to out of control proportions. All schools, beaches, Resorts, restaurants and other non-essential businesses are shut down. There are now strict local orders to shelter in place, stay at home. Municipal, Federal and National Guard police forces will all be teaming up efforts to help control and enforce these lock downs. As of April 25 they say anyone out on the street for unjustified reasons will be subject to a $8,000 peso fine, jail time or forced community service.

Many locals still are not taking the situation that seriously, thinking that everything is way to over cautious and that it is still okay to socialize with family and friends, etc… hard to convince them otherwise. Authorities are having a difficult time enforcing imposed emergency regulations and their priorities do not always seem justified, while they confiscate surf boards and keep everyone off the beaches there are other groups of people gathering in many other areas that show no willingness to abide to social distancing, some of this does not make any sense.

It has just been announced that sportfishing will be allowed for people just for their personal consumption, no commercial or charter activity is authorized. These rules have been loosely regulated up to this point, but supposedly will become much stricter. As of now they have extended the present lockdown until the end of May. Also the International airport Terminal II has been closed down, the limited flights now arriving will use the original domestic Terminal I. They believe by July that Terminal II will be reopened, much of this will all depend on how the spread of this virus can be brought under control and the region can begin safely allowing the flow of tourists back into the country.

Local schools are just beginning to try teaching courses through the Internet and TV, slow process that local teachers do not really have the necessary training or technical support to do. They are thinking of reopening class rooms June 1, which many believe would not be a safe idea, but all of this is still just in the process of being planned out.

All in all, considering, things are going okay, everyone is ready to have this situation pass and get back to their normal lives, stress levels are high and financial crisis is evident. Who knows what the new normal will be like, people are becoming more anxious by the week.

Stay Home, be Safe, Eric

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