Storm Passes, No Damage, Inshore to Offshore Action ~ July 4, 2021

July 4, 2021

Another active week for weather patterns in Los Cabos. First we were following development of Hurricane Enrique, this system had once been forecast to take a path directly towards the Los Cabos region, fortunately the storm weakening and moved further east and never amounted to much at all, though local Ports were closed for two days as a precaution. Very little rain was recorded, only isolated showers reported, with some areas feeling none at all. Ocean swells did increase, but also quickly dropped. After the storm had swept by, on Wednesday, we did have a major blow from the south, with gusts to 40 mph., definitely a good day not to be on the water. On Thursday morning winds resided and Ports had been reopened. That first day out the ocean conditions were stirred up and much cooler once again. Though by week’s end ocean was back up near 80 degrees and clarity had much improved.

Fleets were scouting out in different directions to find best possible action, there were now opportunities from along the beach stretches, to off the bottom rock piles, as well as further offshore.

Most consistent action remained over the bottom structure, often in as shallow as 60 feet. Using bait and yo-yo jigs there was a variety of species accounted for, most impressive were a few amberjack ranging to over 50 lb., also a handful of nice leopard grouper, yellow snapper, pompano, barred pargo, pargo colorado, bonito, island jack, flag cabrilla, rose snapper and others, all excellent table fare.

The chances for yellowfin tuna has been near Vinorama, close to shore, spotty action, but at times would come up and bite, sardinas the best. Other tuna were found 15 to 25 miles offshore of San Jose del Cabo region, traveling with porpoise, striking on lures and bait. Most of the tuna we saw this past week were in the 15 to 25 lb. class. This is the month when we do normally see some larger size yellowfin appear on local grounds.

Dorado continued to be fairly scarce, though this week we actually had a couple of true 50 lb. monster bulls show up on the fillet tables, have not seen such large dorado in a while, not as common as in years past. Nice to see the big bulls, they are very impressive fish. A few other dorado were found scattered throughout the zone, as summer conditions continue to warm we should see more of the schooling size dorado move in on local fishing grounds.

The billfish action was mainly for striped marlin, a few sailfish and one small blue marlin. Seen more smaller juvenile sized stripers, some as small as 40 lb., other up to 120 lb. Found a bit further offshore in greater numbers, where water was cleaner, though some marlin were also inshore, near the Iman and San Luis Banks.

A couple reports of wahoo seen free swimming around, but they have not been interested. There were still a few sierra hanging around, most of them good sizers, up to 14 lb. Roosterfish were also now showing in more quantity, mixed sizes, also lots of jack crevalle, many of these 25 lb. plus hogs. Bait supplies now consist of sardinas, caballito and mullet.

Surf anglers accounted for a handful of snook, triple tail and even totoaba. Though more jack crevalle than anything else, wide open at times.

Good Fishing, Eric

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