Big Blow, Tuna, Hurricane Enrique, a lot going on ~ June 27, 2021

June 27, 2021

This past week we saw a wide variety of weather patterns swept through the Southern Baja region. As we continued to have moderate crowds of tourists arriving as summer vacation periods are now in full swing. Last weekend, namely on Sunday, Father’s Day, we had a major south wind blast through the entire region, gusts to over 30 mph, this was a one day event, many charter boats did go out, catching a variety of fish, though everyone got wet and bounced around wildly before safely returning to port. This major blow really turned over the water, on Monday water temperatures had dropped some ten degrees or more, also turning greenish. This shocked the fish, bait also scattered and all around action was slim pickings. Though on Tuesday conditions began to quickly rebound with a calm ocean lasting through the rest of the week. Though over the weekend everyone was closely following the development and projected path of Hurricane Enrique. Looks as though this system will pass very close to the tip of Baja, though as it arrives is supposed to weaken some into a TS and depression. We surely will see stormy seas with high swells and a high chance of some rain. High probability of Port Closure, possibly on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, though overall we are not expecting any major damage from Enrique. Of course these storms are always unpredictable, we will be glad when it passes through and we get back to our normal schedules.

After water settled, clarity and water temperature rebounded, we saw the yellowfin tuna bite pick up, this was a early bite on the grounds near Vinorama, within a couple miles of shore, for yellowfin in the 10 to 40 lb. class. Striking on sardinas early in the morning, then as sun rose higher the action would stop, some charters reporting up to ten tuna. We heard of some other tuna action found far offshore, over 25 miles, associated with porpoise, this was more of a private boat deal. This tuna action was probably the highlight of the weekend, important to get an early start.

No wahoo to speak of, though we were seeing a scattering of dorado, mixed sizes, including bulls up to 30 lb., though no big numbers, just a couple fish here and there. Actually some charters ran into schools of baby sized dorado, all catch and release. Billfish action was also scattered, more small sized striped marlin, we are talking very tiny, as small as 40 lb.,up to 70 lb., a few sailfish in the mix as well.

As far as catching numbers of good eating fish, the best bet continued to be off the shallow water structure, a great variety of fish were accounted for, triggerfish, pompano, island jack, surgeon fish, red, yellow and rose snapper, barred pargo, bonito, amberjack, leopard grouper and more. One very impressive amberjack of 90 lb. was weighed in. Along the shore there were more jack crevalle than roosterfish, though we are now seeing more roosterfish show up. The few sierra that are still hanging around have big monsters for the most part, a few pushing the 13 to 15 lb. mark.

Good Fishing, Eric

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