Spring Brings Changing Conditions ~ March 20, 2022

March 20, 2022

This week marks the official start of spring season, weather conditions are perfect now, with clear sunny skies and high temperatures of 80 degrees, moderate crowds of tourists, making this an ideal time to visit. Very busy times in downtown San Jose del Cabo, as this is the week of the annual traditional fiestas. With carnival set up in town and many other outdoor activities and contests scheduled.

Winds were moderate all week, mainly just increasing later in the day. Ocean temperature is now averaging 70 to 72 degrees, warmer areas found further offshore. Swells were very slight and the full moon period created high tidal movement. During the week along the inshore zone, from San Jose del Cabo and further north, the water conditions turned over, as a green colored current pushed in and made finding any dorado or wahoo impossible.

Early in the week we saw some quality dorado to over 30 lb. accounted for, only a couple fish here and there, but very nice sized, particularly for this time frame. As the week progressed the availability for live bait vanished, over the weekend in local PLC Marina no bait was even found. 

The caballito in the marina area disappeared, the mackerel and chihuil which were found on the Gordo Banks for the past few weeks also disappeared. Hopefully this is just a full moon deal and we will see bait sources rebound shortly. Ballyhoo remained another option.

Mid-week we saw a thick marine layer fog swept in and visibility closed out to zero in zones towards the north, always a dangerous deal. Bottom fishing showed some better signs, highlight being a handful of 30 lb. plus yellowtail taken off the Gordo Banks, we also saw a few amberjack, up to 40 lb., also a mix of leopard grouper, red snapper, barred pargo and more of the Pacific bonito  than anything else, especially productive was the San Luis Bank.

The striped marlin action continued to dominate offshore action, though as baitfish schools became scattered, so did these billfish.  The marlin action has been going red hot now since early December.

Good Fishing, Eric

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