September 10, 2011



September 10, 2011

Light crowds now, always seems to be the same situation this time of year, with kids back in school and summer winding down, people are staying closer to home. Just around the corner is the busy fall season and we are anticipating a great turn out. There are no tropical storms developing at this time, but it is the time of year where we monitor forecasts closely. Mostly sunny days now, with high humidity, some scattered cloud cover and light variable winds. Water temperatures are ranging from 85 to 89 degrees, larger swell conditions earlier in the week have weakened, though there have been swift currents sweeping through certain areas. Supplies of sardinas have continued to be schooling around the Puerto Los Cabos jetties, pangeros are working hard at first light to net sufficient supplies for the local fleets. There has also been a mix of larger baitfish available.

Anglers were finding the best success for yellowfin tuna while drift fishing with sardinas over the grounds of La Fortuna, Iman and San Luis Banks. Lots of yellowfin tuna could be seen breezing the surface, but they proved to be more finicky in recent days, average catches ranging from one or two, up to four or five per charter. Sizes were mostly in the 20 to 40 pound class, though there were a handful of tuna accounted by the local panga fleets that were in the 100 to 170 pound class. Larger tuna were seen on the Gordo Banks, but these fish proved even more elusive than fish on the Iman and San Luis. Tuna acquire a taste for the particular food source than is naturally present on the fishing grounds and at times it can be hard to entice them with anything else.

Dorado action was found mixed in where the tuna and of course lots of skipjack were present, most of the dorado encountered were juvenile, under 10 pounds, only a few larger specimens reported. A few more sailfish found in recent days, also an occasional story of a blue or black marlin battle.

Other action included limited numbers of amberjack and dogtooth snapper, strong currents made this action not so easy. Larger live baits such as caballito or moonfish worked over structure, with La Fortuna being one of the more productive spots. Only a couple of incidental wahoo were being accounted for by the combined fleet for in past weeks, these fish become less active in the warmer waters, which have ranged now close to 90 degrees.

Local surf anglers reported some roosterfish action near the marina channel, as well as several very large snook, these guys put in some long hours targeting these prized gamefish, recently the mid day high tide produced more hook ups.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita/Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent out approximately 47 charters for the week, with anglers accounting for a fish count of: 1 blue marlin, 2 striped marlin, 9 sailfish, 10 amberjack, 9 dogtooth snapper, 15 cabrilla, 45 dorado, 118 yellowfin tuna, 28 bonito, 8 rainbow runners, 9 barred pargo and 20 triggerfish

Good Fishing, Eric

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