September 03, 2011



September 2, 2011

Much of the same late tropical weather pattern this past week, scattered cloud cover, no rainfall, occasionally threatening in the distance, variable unpredictable winds, the full cycle from north to south, then the very next day calm, that time of year, changing rapidly, will that first feel of fall in the early morning air. Heat index has averaged about 100 degrees, increased humidity related to recent rainfall. We are anxious for the Fall Season to arrive.

Water temperature ranged up close to 90 degrees in areas and in the upper 80s throughout the region. Southern winds turned over conditions later in the week, action became a bit more scattered, the week had started off with great quality action, most significant catches included yellowfin tuna, dog tooth snapper and the season’s first run of black marlin on the Gordo Banks.

Light crowds of anglers now, definitely a prime time to take advantage of world class action that is now available on the local fishing grounds. Last week the season’s first super cow yellowfin was landed by Brice Faulwetter, of San Diego, a monster yellowfin of 330 pounds. In recent days the bite has become a bit spottier, though tuna of 100 to 200 pounds were landed out of local La Playita pangas. There were many stories of anglers getting smoked by larger fish on fairly heavy gear.

Tuna were schooling on the Gordo Banks, as well as from La Fortuna, Iman to San Luis Bank. Anglers were using various bait techniques, whole larger baits, to small sardinas and chunks of skipjack. Average tuna has been to the 30 to 60 pound class, but there is another grade of cow sized fish mixed in, at times they were seen active on the surface. A bit leader shy at times, other times striking heavier leaders without hesitance. Either drift fishing or slow troll over these high sots. The actual number of yellowfin has not been high, but the quality is there, with a chance of that catch of a lifetime.

At least black marlin were brought in by local pangas in recent days, all taking on larger baitfish near the Gordo Banks, weights ranged from 388 lb., 450 lb. to 511 lb. A scattering of blue and striped marlin were encountered, a few sailfish as well, but it was the presence of these big black marlin that has everyone’s interest at this time.

Some truly monstrous dog tooth snapper were accounted for over last weekend and into the first part of the week, when changing currents slowed that bite down. Charters were accounting for up to two or three of these prized snapper species, for a few days there we were seeing many fish in the 40 to 70 pound class. Of course the stories of the even larger fish being lost to the rocks were running rampant. These snapper were hitting on larger whole and cut baits, drift fishing over the very rocky high spots, get ready to pull as hard as you can, in order to have a chance at actually landing one of these brutes. A handful of amberjack and grouper were landed as well, with baitfish becoming more plentiful in the marina channel, particularly moonfish, we anticipating targeting more of these quality shallow water structure species.

Not many dorado found in recent days, even though we did hear about the exceptional dorado action that was found out of La Paz this past week. You never know, these same concentrations of do-dos could swift directions any time, following a favorable current and food source, just like the weather, fishing changes daily.

Incredible opportunities at this time for a serious big game fishermen, from cow sized yellowfin tuna, to fifty pound plus dog tooth snapper, to a chance at a hook up with the ultimate gladiator of a black or blue marlin weighing more than five hundred pounds, this has all happened this past week on the Gordo Banks, the big fish are here now.

The combined panga fleets launching from La Playita/Puerto Los Cabos sent out approximately 48 charters for the week, with anglers reporting a fish count of: 3 black marlin, 1 blue marlin, 2 striped marlin, 5 sailfish, 24 dorado, 133 yellowfin tuna, 18 cabrilla, 12 amberjack, 28 dogtooth snapper,15 hammerhead sharks, 1 wahoo and 10 bonito.

Good Fishing, Eric

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