More North Wind, Scattered Action ~ December 6, 2020

December 6, 2020

New month of December saw light crowds of visitors arriving, this is the normal pattern, as after Thanksgiving and before Christmas, there are not that many people vacationing, this year with the global pandemic still peaking, travelers are being extra cautious. North winds continued throughout the week, ocean temperature dropped into the 75 degree range and currents were off colored on grounds to the north. Still mostly clear sunny skies, highs averaging near 75 degrees and we saw low temperatures of 54 degrees, so it is the time of year you need to dress appropriately for early morning outdoor activities.

Anglers were able to find plentiful supplies of sardinas, with caballito, ballyhoo, slabs of squid bring other options. More of the super panga charters are now trying to chum up chihuil baitfish  on the Inner Gordo Bank, though this has not been all that easy or guaranteed with choppy conditions, though these baitfish were now the best bet for enticing the elusive wahoo. Early in the week we saw more numbers of wahoo being brought in, sizes ranged from small 5 lb. juveniles, up to 50 lb. trophy sized specimens. Areas from Cardon, La Fortuna to Vinorama produced strikes while trolling baits or rapalas. Though this same area is now seeing greenish cooler currents push in.

The week also started off with a pair of super cow sized 300 lb. yellowfin tuna being landed from off the Gordo Banks by local pangeros specifically targeting these cows. Lot of patience needed when targeting these fish, they used live skipjack for bait. The rest of the week we only saw a handful of other tuna accounted for, several were near 100 lb. Though overall the action for these yellowfin was very slow and north winds made the whole deal that much more difficult. Everyone is waiting for calmer conditions and it looks as though the coming week will at least start out calmer.

Dorado were even scarcer this past week, only a handful of these gamefish were even found, no large schools at all and mainly smaller sized. The past few seasons the month of December was very productive for nicer sized dorado, so we are hoping this year things are just starting out slow, still early in the month. Billfish action was almost nonexistent off of San Jose del Cabo, more chance now for striped marlin on the Pacific grounds, it will not be long though that the migration of mackerel and sardineta will shift in the direction of the Sea of Cortez.

Inshore the main action found was for sierra, most of these fish ranging in the 2 to 5 lb. range, striking on hoochies, Rapalas and sardinas. Also a few roosterfish accounted for, not the normal season for them, but they can hang around in minimal numbers.

With the windier conditions anglers were not able to try much bottom action, those who did found more bonito and triggerfish than anything else, we did see a few amberjack and at least a couple of dogtooth snapper brought in.

Good fishing, Eric

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