Cooler Conditions, Wahoo, Dorado and Tuna Bite ~ December 13, 2020

December 13, 2020

There were only minimal numbers of tourists visiting at this time, many people now preparing for the Holiday Season, as well as dealing with the ongoing Covid pandemic situation. Weather was now turning more towards winter like patterns, we saw scattered cloud cover and low temperatures as chilly as 55 degrees, though most days were warming up near 80 degrees. Wind was predominately out of the north, much of the week limiting where anglers were able to comfortably concentrate their efforts, through the weekend the wind did slack and ocean conditions were again more favorable. Water temperatures now averaging in the 75 to 77 degree range, clearer blue water found on our normal fishing grounds, with the off colored currents now near Vinorama and towards Los Frailes.

Anglers were using mainly sardinas and caballito for bait, any week now we should see mackerel and sardineta move on to local bait grounds, as this is always the time of year this happens. Most charters are now fishing the areas from Chileno, Red Hill, Punta Gorda, Cardon and Iman. We saw lots of sierra closer to shore, most of these in the 2 to 5 lb. range, striking smaller sized lures and on the sardinas. This week we saw more dorado and they were larger in size, we even saw a handful of bulls over 20 lb. With the ocean still warm for this time of year, we expect this dorado action to continue through the month. Also there were good numbers of wahoo accounted for, striking on trolled Rapalas, various baits and yo-yo jigs. Sizes ranged from small juvenile fish and to over 40 lb., with the majority of the wahoo being smaller in size.

Tuna action has been spotty now for the past several weeks, though in recent days we did see more of the yellowfin being hooked into from near the Iman Bank, drift fishing with sardinas was the best bet for this action, sizes ranged to over 40 lb., with some boats accounting for two, three of four of these fish.

Not much bottom action being done, with few numbers of anglers in town, often choppy ocean conditions making this harder and with the fact that surface action was the most productive action now happening. We did see more striped marlin moving in to local waters, it will not be long now until these billfish make their main migration towards the Sea of Cortez, following their favored food source.

More and more whales are now being sighted as well, as we are now nearing peak season for these migrated mammals.

Good fishing, Eric

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