Grouper,Amberjack,Tuna,Bonito Action ~ April 3, 2022

April 3, 2022

Anglers –

Spring break vacationers are just starting to arrive now, as for the next several weeks we will see many vacationers arriving. The weather is now ideal, sunny days with high averaging 75 degrees or more. Greenish water found for the first ten miles offshore, ocean temperature ranging 70 to 73 degrees. Slight swells, variable winds from the north, but not as persistent as in previous weeks. Bait still was somewhat scarce, mackerel being bought up from Cabo San Lucas, limited caballito locally, ballyhoo and slabs of squid also an option.

Most local charters are fishing grounds from Red Hill and north to San Luis Bank. Most consistent action has been found off the bottom, using a combination of bait and yo-yo style jigs. Various species of grouper were accounted for, up close to 60 lb., also we saw amberjack to over 40 lb., but there were more of the Pacific bonito than anything else, especially around San Luis, averaging 4 to 8 lb., some up to 10 lb. Feisty fighters and also good eating. Limited red snapper seen, a handful of barred pargo, triggerfish  and yellow snapper.

Limited surface action now, marlin are further offshore and very spread out, only an occasional dorado seen. There were a few yellowfin tuna accounted for near San Luis Bank, as large as 76 lb., striking on caballito or squid. Good to see that a few tuna are in the area, as weather consistently warms and conditions cleanup some, we are optimistic that something more consistent will develop for these yellowfin.

Other action included a couple of stray wahoo in the of colored waters, same here, later in the month hopefully we will see more of these ‘hoo showing up.

Not much going on inshore besides a few sierra and jack crevalle, lack of sardinas has really impacted this inshore action this season.

Good Fishing, Eric

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