Wind, Rain, Calm, Tuna and more Dorado ~ February 3, 2018

Anglers –
February 3, 2018

We have started the new month of February, which locally is always known to be full of unpredictable weather patterns and sure enough we had a crazy start to this week. We felt strong north winds out of the north for most of the week, cooler green water pushing in from Los Frailes towards the Gordo Banks, ocean currents were down in the 70 to 71 degree range, then winds resided and we felt calmer conditions. Low morning temperatures were up to 68 degrees and the water temperature warmed back up into the 74 degree range, as well as clearing back up to a nice blue color within a couple mile of shore. On the Pacific the water was up to 75 degrees. So conditions were changing daily, daytime high temperatures reach up to 85 degrees on some days. On Thursday we actually had a surprising amount of rainfall on Thursday, as moisture sweeping in the from the southwest brought much needed relief to the dry landscape.

Light crowds of visiting anglers were finding decent supplies of sardinas, which are now being netted off the beach stretches from Cabo Real to Chileno. There were other bait options including mackerel, sardineta, caballito and strips of squid. Fleets were fishing areas from the Pacific Banks, Santa Maria, Gordo Banks and north towards Iman. Most common catches were for dorado, which were found close to shore, as well on the offshore grounds, striking more often on baitfish, but also on trolled artificials. Average size fish was under 10 pounds, though on the Pacific there were reports of a larger grade of dorado up to 20 lb. Getting late in the season now, though the warmer water has kept these gamefish hanging around in local waters.

Wahoo were scarce, only a few fish reported off the East Cape areas, a few more reports of these fish being found on the Banks off of the Pacific, where the warmest currents are now holding, very late in the season for these fish as well.

More billfish activity straight out of Cabo San Lucas and towards the Pacific, though a bit slower during this full moon period, only a scattering of the striped marlin are now being encountered off of San Jose del Cabo, should start to swift this direction in the coming months.

Yellowfin tuna were being found through the region, from on the Pacific Banks to the Gordo Banks, no big numbers at all, though the yellowfin were a nice grade, most of them ranging from 40 lb. to 130 lb. The largest tuna seem to be coming off of the Inner or Outer Gordo Banks. Drift fishing with various baits was the main technique, finicky fish, often they could be seen in numbers breezing on the surface, but would be difficult to entice into striking the hooked baits, also continued heavier boat pressure on the Gordo Banks, since within that range this was one of the more productive areas now providing opportunities at quality fish.

Inshore had not produced much more that a scattering of small roosterfish, a few sierra, with more numbers reportedly on the Pacific. The bottom action was spotty, strong current much of the week, most common catches were smaller sized pargo, a few cabrilla and amberjack, as well as the ever present triggerfish.

Plenty of whale action now, peak season for both humpback and gray’s

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent out approximately 59 charters for the week, with anglers reporting a fish count of: 8 striped marlin, 2 wahoo, 74 yellowfin tuna, 115 dorado, 5 amberjack, 13 yellow snapper, 5 barred pargo, 16 Eastern Pacific bonito, 12 roosterfish, 15 cabrilla (leopard grouper), 22 huachinango (red snapper) and 40 triggerfish.

Good fishing, Eric

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