Warm Water, Still Greenish, Bottom Action ~ May 8, 2022

May 8, 2022  

Much of the same patterns, great all around weather, days are progressively warming, clear sunny skies, lots of tourists in town, though more people seem to be attending weddings than there are anglers looking to fish, only light crowds of charter activity. Ocean water temperatures are quickly warming up into the mid 70s or more, though off colored greenish waters still are being encountered on the grounds to the north.Main fishing action now is off the various high spots, particularly from Iman to San Luis Banks.

Anglers have been using a combination of anchoveta, sardina and caballito for bait and also dropping yo-yo style jigs is common this time of year. There are chances at yellowfin tuna on these same grounds, where strips of squid can also be used, though this week we saw less yellowfin tuna action than the previous weeks. A only a few tuna reported, most of these in the 15 to 20 lb. range,

Most numerous fish have been the Pacific Bonito, schooling on the rocky high spots and readily striking on the yo-yo jigs, sizes up to about 8 lb., great eating fish, unlike their cousins in So. Cal. waters. Also on the same grounds there were some red snapper, yellow snapper, barred pargo, leopard grouper, whitefish, amberjack, triggerfish and others, though action was hit or miss for these species,

No dorado or wahoo action to report, though as ocean currents are quickly warming things can change in a hurry, as waters cleans up some the surface action should improve. There were some striped marlin moving back into range and a handful of these billfish were hooked into and landed this past week, from areas straight off of San Jose del Cabo and north to outside of the Gordo Banks and San Luis.

No roosterfish action found close to shore, mainly sierra and jack crevalle. Surf anglers reported a few nice snook and lots of jacks on the beach stretch just north of Puerto Los Cabos jetty.

Good Fishing, Eric

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