Warm Water, Scattered Bite~October 3, 2021

October 3, 2021

We now enter the new month and also the beginning of the fall season. This past week we have been feeling the weather patterns change rather quickly, mornings are now significantly cooler, relatively, on Saturday early morning we had some major rain squalls swept through from the southwest, dumping several inches of rain, also shutting down the majority of fishing charters, though some of the larger boats were able to brave the conditions, actually finding calm and dry conditions further north once they got through the dark clouds and down pour. Sunday we woke to clear skies and fleets were back in full action.

Through most of the week the ocean conditions were very favorable, very light breeze and moderate swells. Ocean temperature was very warm though, up in the 85 to 88¬† degree range, perhaps this contributed to slowing the surface activity down. We do believe that this week the water will steadily start to cool off into the low 80 degree range, which is usually¬† more suitable for the all around action. Once again the sardina schools are being found near the local marina jetty’s, they had scattered the past couple of weeks, we will see how these supplies last during the higher pressure of the coming weeks. Slabs of squid has been the other main option, particularly for the chances at getting lucky for the yellowfin tuna. Chihuil are becoming more active on these same grounds and will be yet another bait option in coming weeks.

The yellowfin tuna became very scare this week, not showing as they had been on the grounds from Iman to San Luis Banks. Everyday we were seeing a handful of tuna in the 50 to 70 lb. brought in, though anglers were lucky to hook up. We are hoping the cooling off trend will help trigger the bite. Dorado were scattered trough the zone, in very limited numbers, most of the fish we saw were smaller in size, with an exception of a few over ten pounds. We heard of some better dorado action found on the Pacific grounds. Changing conditions should help push these fish in the direction of the San Jose del Cabo areas. A few wahoo were reported, again cooling of water temperatures should entice these elusive fish to become more active.

Strong currents were running, this never seems to help anything, especially the bottom opportunities. More triggerfish and bonito than anything else, though we did see at least one 60 lb. grouper and a handful of nice dogtooth snapper over 40 lb. A few miscellaneous pompano, snapper and cabrilla.

Billfish action was limited , but we did see a mix of striped, blue and black marlin, as well as sailfish, though no numbers to speak of. These fish are in the area, we really did not have many anglers that were specifically looking to target these species. No inshore action reported, as is usual for this time of year, when action is concentrated on offshore high spots.

Good Fishing, Eric

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