Wahoo Bite, Heavy Pressure Slows Action ~ November 21, 2021

November 21, 2021 

We are still seeing good numbers of anglers arriving, with Thanksgiving week now coming up lots of vacationers are taking advantage of the ideal climate.  After this coming week we normally see a bit of slack as people start planning for Christmas, etc… The all around weather is almost perfect now, lows down in the lower 60s and with mostly clear sunny skies and highs close to 85 degrees. Breeze picking up from the north later in the mornings.

The bait supplies have remained plentiful for caballito and ballyhoo, with chihuil and slabs of squid another option. We have not heard of any sardinas being found, usually they begin to rebound later this month. Off of San Jose del Cabo hotel zone there have been reports of the season’s first mackerel and sardineta being found, still nothing consistent, as water temperatures cool off more of these bait schools should show on these grounds. Ocean temperatures have remained in the 80 to 83 degree range.

This week we saw a strong showing of striped marlin, mainly straight offshore from San Jose del Cabo, anywhere from 2 to 5 miles out, even anglers fishing from kayaks got in on the action. The marlin were readily striking on lures and bait, most of these fish were in the 60 to 80 lb. size, a few topping 100 lb. There was one black marlin brought in mid-week by a local commercial pangero, estimated at close to 500 lb. Also quite a few sailfish scattered throughout the zone.

Wahoo action picked up for a few days, before the word spread and everyone congregated on the same area near Cardon, not a very large spot and these fish became weary with so much boat traffic and even more spooky with all of the spear fishermen chasing them around. Do not know why the rules are not enforced, spear anglers are not supposed to be within 200 yards of any boats with conventional rod and reel anglers. We are hoping that with added pressure something might finally be done, because this area can not sustain this form of pressure from above and below the water.

Wahoo were ranging in size from smaller juvenile 6 lb. fish up to 50 lb. Striking on slow trolled baits, Rapalas,ballyhoo and on cast jigs. Mid-week some charters accounted for up to six fish. But overall anglers were fortunate to land one of two. Dorado were spread out on these same grounds, some days more than others, average size for these fish were in the 5 to 15 lb. class. Still no yellowfin tuna at all being found on local grounds, we heard of some tuna being encountered associated with moving porpoise some 30 to 40 miles outside of Cabo San Lucas, but that action was very hit or miss.

Inshore there were some sierra and roosterfish, most smaller in size. Off the bottom there were more triggerfish than anything else, a handful of deep water baqueta grouper, Pacific tile fish, a few cabrilla, yellow snapper and barred pargo, Even a handful of smaller sized dogtooth snapper and some of the Mexican bonito.

Continually seeing more whales throughout the area, peak season will be soon for these migrating mammals.

Good Fishing, Eric

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