Tuna Slow, Mix of Structure Species Biting ~ March 11, 2017


Anglers –
March 11, 2017

We noticed more spring break vacationers now starting to arrive in town. Also San Jose del Cabo is busy preparing for the large annual traditional fiesta which will be held in the next week as well. Will be eventful times, crowds of people and lots of shut down streets to deal with as well. We felt a heat wave build mid-week, feels like spring already, clear sunny skies with high temperatures in the mid 80’s. Ocean water temperature was averaging from 70 to 73 degrees. In most areas clean blue water was being found within several miles of shore. North winds early in the week, then the later part wind moderate, strong currents did not help anglers though..

The action that was going on for yellowfin tuna off the Cabo San Lucas arches faded out over last weekend and we did not see any rebound this week. A handful of tuna were landed off of the La Fortuna and Iman Banks, most of these in the 30 lb. class, though numbers were very limited, more skipjack than anything else. Supplies of schooling sardinas were still being found off the rocky beach stretches from Regina to Cabo Real. Sardinetas are on the bait grounds off of the San Jose del Cabo Hotel Zone, though not many mackerel at all being reported, some people are using strips of squid as another bait option as well.

Not much billfish action being reported in any direction, on the Pacific or in the direction of the Sea of Cortez. Who knows what is going on with the striped marlin, should be the time we see more numbers of these fish showing up, definitely behind schedule.

Nothing has really developed with the yellowtail either, a few fish here and there, but no numbers at all. A handful of yellowtail up to 25 lb. were reported off of the Palmilla Point, hitting on yo-yo jigs and larger baits, but only one or two per day for the whole fleet and then the next day none. No consistent bite on these prized jacks, though we are still optimistic that something might happen soon.

Charters are not finding much at all further offshore or inshore for that matter, besides some sporadic action on sierra. Most charters are starting to work the various rock piles within a few miles of shore for a mix of snapper, pargo, amberjack, cabrilla, triggerfish and others. Spotty action for the most part, sometimes up to a dozen fish, other times only several. All good eating though, except for the black skipjack, which at times were very plentiful on same grounds where anglers were trying to get the yellowfin tuna to bite. Just not the time we are catching many really trophy sized fish, though with the weather now warming up with each passing day, things can change fast, also coming off a bright full moon, so as night time skies darken we hope to see the daytime action improve.

Still lots of whale activity being seen, though usually by the end of this month these mammals will start back on their northern migration. Plenty of sea lions in the area as well, always following the fishermen around trying to get an easy meal.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent out approximately 61 charters for the week, with anglers reporting a fish count of: 14 yellowfin tuna, 6 yellowtail, 8 amberjack, 36 yellow snapper, 15 flag cabrilla, 15 leopard grouper, 8 mojarra, 44 huachinango, 62 sierra, 150 black skipjack and 130 triggerfish.

Good fishing, Eric

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