Tuna and Bottom Action!

May 12th, 2024

The weather and temperatures remain ideal for beach activities, slight winds and hot sunny days. Our slow season is starting to reflect at our marina as we are seeing limited charters per day. Many of the local captains are using their spare time to fish themselves and scout different areas.

Our target species continues to be the yellowfin tuna. Even though the bite slowed down, we continue to see them every day. We have been focusing on Iman Bank where we have seen most of the activity. Many of the pangeros have been scouting different areas such as San Luis and Vinorama but have come back empty handed. Most of the tuna have been hooked on live and dead sardines, though there have been a couple nicer ones that preferred the strip of squid. The biggest yellowfin we saw this week was slightly over 100 pounds. It was a difficult and long fight on 40# test. We saw more action this weekend as a few boats were able to catch 2 or 3 earlier in the morning.

When the tuna bite slows down, many of the boats are heading closer to shore to look for rock structures. Cardon seems to be the go-to spot as we are seeing a variety of great eating species such as yellow snapper, bared pargo, pompano, grouper, and spanish mackerel. We have also seen schools of dorado while fishing 20-30ft of water.

Throughout most of our shoreline we are starting to see more Roosterfish activity. We are seeing quality size fish as we are now starting to get mullets from the bait guys. Best areas for Roosterfish seem to be La Laguna, El Zacaton, and Secrets/Marriot Hotel.

Good Fishing, Brian

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