Olaf Hits Directly, Big Tuna Bite ~ September 19, 2021

September 19, 2021

On Thursday, September 9, Hurricane Olaf made direct landfall in San Jose del Cabo as a category 2 storm. Winds of over 100 mph and drenching rainfall up to 15 inches in areas, creating wide spread flooding. All utilities were knocked out, in some areas for ten days or more, this is the reason we missed last weeks report, as our internet and phone line were just restored late this week. Clean up is on going, but after being closed for several days the Ports are now reopened and all fishing activities have resumed. This week the weather has been calm, though heat and humidity is very high, we see no new tropical systems developing at this time.

Ocean was stirred up to start the week, as flooded arroyos washed out tons of debris into the sea. As the week progressed the ocean cleaned back up. Initially after the storm the ocean temperature had cooled down into the low 80s, this enticed the wahoo into becoming more active and there was a day or two where we saw some of these gamefish brought in. Quickly though water temperatures rose back up into the 86 or higher range.

Actually after the storm we had a busy week for anglers, the highlight was definitely the yellowfin tuna action found on the grounds from Iman, San Luis and Vinorama areas. Finally we are seeing a larger grade of tuna, average size yellowfin were in the 40 to 70 lb. class, though quite a few fish over 100 lb. were in the mix and at least one we know of over 200 lb.

Anglers were most often using slabs of squid or sardinas, though bolito and chihuil were other possibilities. The tuna were a bit finicky as usual and would not always come and show on the surface, but with persistence and a lot of patience some very impressive fish were landed.

Dorado were very limited, scattered and most of the few we saw were under 15 lb. Also fair numbers of sailfish and smaller sized striped marlin in the area. Black and blue marlin are also hanging on high spots now, these really need to be specifically targeted, with even more persistence and patience needed.

Not much going off the bottom or inshore now, mainly triggerfish, bonito, misc. pargo, snapper, cabrilla and at least a couple of 30 lb. yellowtail we saw, taken from the deeper cooler rock piles.
Good Fishing, Eric

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