Ocean Turns Over, Tuna Bite Stalls, Bottom Action Mixed ~ May 5, 2018

Anglers –
May 5, 2018

Lighter crowds of tourists now, the climate has been very pleasant, though we are dealing with spring season transition period. Which can see rapidly changing weather patterns move in and out of the region. Last week we had great ocean conditions and the yellowfin tuna action on the Iman Bank was very good, many quality fish in the 40 to 70 pound class were landed, with even some reaching the 100 lb. mark;

This week began just fine, with some nice yellowfin tuna still being landed off of the Iman Bank, even a couple of yellowtail over 30 lb. Though by Tuesday the north winds kicked up and continued through most of the week. This stirred up conditions, pushing in off colored currents, though water temperatures still remained in the 74/75 degree range. With the wind there was also more ocean swell and this made it a bit more challenging for the commercial pangeros to net sardinas off of the shore near Vinorama, though overall they were able to find sufficient supplies. Other bait options were caballito out of the marina area, still no signs of the annual migration of mullet or moonfish showing up.

With the tuna bite coming to a standstill the charter boats were now scouting out other options, which proved to be limited at this time. Offshore there was only sporadic reports of marlin being seen. The better option seemed to be working shallow rocky reefs for a mix of bottom species, though most of these were smaller sized fish in the 2 to 15 lb. range. All good eating, just not consistent from spot to spot. Most common were yellow snapper, bonito, leopard grouper, spotted rose snapper, barred pargo and an occasional yellowtail or amberjack. A mix of yo-yo jigs and bait were used off the bottom, but bait was a bit more productive most days.

Close to shore there were just a few smaller sized sierra found, a handful of small roosterfish and jack crevalle. We do expect that after this weather front moves though this weekend that conditions will rebound and the all-around action will improve. It is not uncommon to have these type of patterns during this time frame. It keeps the climate very comfortable, but does not help the fishing stay on track.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent out approximately 74 charters for this week. Anglers reported a fish count of: 2 striped marlin, 3 dorado, 16 yellowfin tuna, 38 yellow snapper, 22 spotted rose snapper, 25 cabrilla (leopard grouper), 11 huachinango (red snapper), 58 bonito, 6 amberjack, 83 yellowtail, 18 barred pargo, 2 roosterfish, 6 jack crevalle, 16 sierra, 22 flag cabrilla, 6 surgeon fish, 6 grunt and 80 triggerfish.

Good fishing, Eric

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