Marlin,Dorado,Wahoo keep Anglers Busy ~ February 27, 2022

February 27, 2022  

We are glad that this crazy unpredictable, cold and windy month is coming to an end, spring time is just around the corner, a favorite time of year for locals. This week we saw only moderate numbers of anglers, though the town seemed like there were good numbers of tourists arriving. Windy from the north pretty much all week, though anglers were able to fish in more protected inshore areas and actually did very well considering the time of year and the conditions given.

Ocean temperature ranging from 70 to 73 degrees, greener currents were encountered on the grounds further north, though water clarity was nice off of San Jose del Cabo. Bait fish became scarcer in the marina area, as netters were working hard to find sufficient supplies of caballito, on offshore grounds there were days when mackerel were found schooling near the surface. Early in the week there were first signs of sardinas being found near by, though still very limited, but at least we saw some, had not seen these baitfish since October, so we hope something will develop with this.

Main offshore action was for striped marlin, though they were not that far offshore, found straight out off of San Jose del Cabo, 3 to 5 miles, as well as around the Gordo Banks, many charters accounted for multiple marlin per outing. Sizes seemed to average a little larger, up to 130 lb. 

Surprisingly we saw good action for dorado this week, found on same marlin grounds, but even more so closer to shore, trolling bait was best bet, sizes ranged mainly 10 to 15 lb., we did see a couple of fish over 30 lb. Many charters had their limits for dorado.

Despite the colder water we also saw quite a few wahoo this week, mainly from the Punta Gorda area, smaller fish, most in the 8 to 15 lb. range, a few up to 20 lb. Striking bait and with casting jigs. More of a panga deal than cruiser, these fish were spooky, often being seen but finicky to strike, but several lucky anglers were able to catch their five fish limit.

Not much going off the bottom, windy conditions did not help this. We did see a mix of yellow and red snapper, a few amberjack, leopard grouper, white fish, triggerfish and bonito. The highlight was a rare 57 lb. black sea bass, legal in Mexico, not in California, but not a very common catch locally.

Inshore action was mainly for small sized roosterfish, very few sierra being found. Still lots of whales being seen, this next month is when these mammals start to return to their northern feeding grounds.

Good Fishing, Eric

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