Light Crowds, Humid Conditions ~ August 1, 2021

August 1, 2021

As we enter this new month, the weather in the Eastern Pacific has been very active, at this time far off to the west there are several tropical storm systems presently brewing. Though none of these are set to impact Southern Baja at all, besides of course a bit more tropical cloud cover, higher humidity and heat index. Ocean swells have also increased some. No local rain felt and up until this point the summer season has been very dry. There have been winds sweeping down from the north on the Pacific, then circling into and back down out of the Sea of Cortes, creating stronger currents and unsettling the fishing grounds somewhat.

The month of July was pretty much unsettled all the way through. We now expect with August, to see calmer ocean conditions, at least unless any storms pass through, also this month is traditionally known for larger gamefish showing up on local grounds.

Anglers recently have been finding live bait supplies of sardina, caballito, mullet and moonfish. Though numbers of charters have been down compared to how we would normally see, the month of June was up in numbers, July was down. August and September are never the busiest, but then we will have the most active time of all coming up when the Fall Season arrives.

Highlights this week were a scattering of dorado being accounted for, no numbers to speak of, mixed sizes to over 20 lb., most of these found in open water while trolling lures. Some striped marlin and sailfish were also encountered on the offshore grounds, though again very scattered. A few wahoo were reported seen, lost hook ups as well, so maybe we will see more of them soon, though they do become more sluggish usually in the warmer 85 degree water temperature. Yellowfin tuna are very scarce, some smaller sized fish showing up in open trolling water.

This is the time of the year now we will anticipate schools of larger grade of yellowfin to move in on local high spots.This whole season has been off and behind schedule, This is the month we should see larger tuna and marlin showing up.

Off the shallow rocky grounds anglers were finding  a mix of pargo, snapper, triggerfish, cabrilla and other species, all excellent eating , though the majority were smaller in size.

 Along the shoreline anglers were still finding mixed action for roosterfish, some over 40 lb., also some jack crevalle and a few dogtooth snapper.

Good Fishing, Eric

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