Ideal Conditions, Inshore, Bottom, Offshore options for Anglers ~ June 6, 2021

June 6, 2021

First week of June we are seeing moderate crowds of tourists arriving to the Los Cabos region. You could not ask for better weather conditions now, clear sunny skies, high temperature hovering about 85 degrees, little wind and wearing t-shirts early in the morning are no problem. Ocean temperature is in the 76 to 80 degree range in the direction of San Jose del Cabo and further north, though it is cooler on the Pacific, also windier. The majority of the sportfishing action is now taking place in the direction of the warmer currents.

Anglers were able to obtain good supplies of sardinas, caballito and now mullet are in the mix as well. Other options included the slabs of squid and ballyhoo. We still are in the transition period, from winds diminishing, cleaner blue and warming currents pushing in. This brings in schools of various baitfish and which in turn attract the pelagic gamefish. This whole season, through the winter and spring, it seems that weather cycles, as well as ocean currents, winds, etc… were all following unusual patterns. We are finally seeing more stabilization, though normally it is not until later in the month of July when things really start to heat up.

The billfish bite for striped marlin has still been concentrated offshore between the 95 and 1150 spots, though this week there were days when the marlin proved very finicky, seen in scores just lazily tailing on the surface, commonly in groups of four, five or six, but you had to work at getting them to bite. Fish were taken on trolled lures, but more often on cast or dropped back baits. We saw clean blue shifting again closer to shore, more of the striped marlin were also seen and hooked into on the grounds from Iman and San Luis, as well as near the Gordo Banks. We did see marlin ranging from 80 to 120 lb.

We saw a few more dorado moving into local grounds, no large numbers at all, but of the fish we did see, there were several very nice sized bulls up close to 40 lb accounted for. These dorado were being found offshore on the marlin grounds, but in recent days more are being seen on inshore areas north of Gordo. Still no wahoo to speak of, a few strikes and free swimming fish spotted, but no bite at this time.

Yellowfin tuna are also playing hard to get, spotty action found 20 to 40 miles offshore associated with moving porpoise. Tuna were also hanging around the Iman Banks, though only a few were hooked into, we weighed yellowfin up to 86 lb. this week, others of 20 to 70 lb. were accounted for, but again very few fish overall. Though over the weekend the tuna were seen coming up breezing the surface, but sere finicky and then disappeared.

The more consistent action has been coming off the various rocky high spots, from 60 to 200 feet of water, using yo-yo jigs and both live and dead baits. There was a wide variety of species being encountered, most common were the yellow snapper, red snapper, bonito, leopard grouper, amberjack and triggerfish. Some of the more exotic we saw this week were African pompano, snook, bluefin trevally and yellowtail. Along the shoreline there were still some sierra and some of these very large specimens, over 10 lb. Also big numbers of hog sized jack crevalle roaming close to shore, as well as a bit further than normal offshore, feeding on concentrations of baitfish. Some roosterfish reported towards the south, we expect a big run of the larger sized roosters in the coming weeks.

Good Fishing, Eric

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