Heavy Rain, Scattered Bite, Tuna, Skipjack ~ August 15, 2021

August 15, 2021

Tropical conditions continue, this week, on Tuesday, we received the season’s first real significant rainfall, where even areas along the coastline felt sporadic on and off heavy thunder showers. No major high winds, so that was nice, the rain was welcome, caused some moderate flooding, but overall not too bad. The latest storm this weekend is major Hurricane Linda, following a path far off towards the west, some increased ocean swells, scattered cloud cover, higher humidity, not much else in the way of more precipitation. This is the time of year where local weather patterns form afternoon rain squalls on almost a daily basis, most of these over the mountainous region north of the International airport. The rain squall did shut down all Port activities on Tuesday, not reopening until Wednesday at 10 a.m.

After the passing of the storm system baitfish became more scattered, as surf conditions made it tougher for the netters to find the schools. Though as the week progressed the bait situation did rebound some, mainly for sardinas and caballito. The San Jose del Cabo Estuary opened to the ocean, sweeping a huge population of talapia fish into saltwater and creating a major kill off, with these dead fish ending up on the beaches as wells as jammed into the marina, creating a stinky mess.

Recent fishing action centered from the Gordo Banks and north near Vinorama. The Gordo Banks is where schools of football sized yellowfin tuna up to 15 lb. are being caught in good numbers. Though black skipjack are even more prevalent, especially near the high spot, tuna are more consistent off the deeper drop offs. A few nice snapper and cabrilla were also accounted for from these grounds. A couple of reports of lager marlin striking on trolled tuna, but hookups were lost.

Only a few dorado seen, most smaller sized, should see some more schoolies showing up, being attracted by floating debris.

Further north near Vinorama is where the chance at yellowfin tuna to 50 lb. has been. Though bite is hit or miss, most action coming early. Lots of boat pressure here, since East Cape fleets are now on these same grounds every day. Also this is a long run for normal charters, if fortunate maybe a chance at one or two fish. Off the shallow rock piles triggerfish have dominated things. A few roosterfish have been landed on offshore grounds, rather than close to the beach stretches, this happens more frequently now, after the baitfish scatter right along the beaches, the roosterfish go deeper looking for food.

Good Fishing, Eric

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