Heavy Pressure, Few Nice Tuna ~ October 24, 2021

October 24, 2021 

As more crowds of visiting anglers arrived they were greeted with nice ideal weather, a distant hurricane did develop over the weekend, but is not forecast to impact Southern Baja at all, as it is going to make landfall  near Zihuatanejo. Moderate ocean swells this past week, with water temperatures still averaging a warm 84 degrees throughout most of the region. Mid-morning breeze from the north are becoming more common.

This past week the world’s richest tournament was held, Bisbee’s Blank & Blue, some 200 teams battling for a record purse of close to 10 million dollars. Only two qualifying marlin of over 300 lb. were recorded for three days of fishing. It appears the heavy pressure is taking its toll on the local fishery, having these back to back to back events with close to 200 teams in each participating and then most of all these same teams also pre-fishing during the weeks prior to the events, all on the same well known grounds. The fish seem to be getting more wise of the danger related to all of the boat traffic.

A week off now and then the first week of November is the big WON Tuna Jackpot event. Surprisingly there are still schools of sardinas being found and so far supplies of squid have remained fairly steady, teams will be hoarding now, so who knows how long supplies will last. An ongoing problem every year at this time and these events are becoming more popular, larger each season.  We are definitely noticing a decline in the fishery, surely this is a combination of factors.

For local charters, most were concentrated on the San Luis Bank this past week, where tuna up to 170 lb. were accounted for, most of the yellowfin landed were more in the 50 to 120 lb. range, a few smaller football sized fish showing as well. This action is really the best option going on now, so this has meant heavy pressure on this one spot. It seems that some tuna are hooked up early every morning and then after that they become extremely weary and disappear. There is some bottom action going on on these same grounds, but more triggerfish than anything else. A few amberjack, cabrilla and pargo. The dogtooth snapper bite is fading out this past week.

Wahoo and dorado were scarce as well, more dorado being found than wahoo, scattered through the zone, most of these  under ten pounds. Wahoo action certainly should improve as ocean temps drop a few more degrees in coming weeks.

A few smaller roosterfish being found along the shore, as well as the beginning of sierra season. Bill fishing is slow, a few sailfish and smaller sized striped marlin being found.

Good Fishing, Eric

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