Easter Week, Full Moon, Slower All Around Action ~ April 9, 2023

April 9, 2023

Happy Easter Sunday

Very busy weekend locally, most of all small businesses were shut down and families were swarming and filling up all of the various local beaches. With limited numbers of charter captains even available there were not a lot of charters heading out the past few days, this next week we will see more anglers ready to go. 

Earlier in the week there was more north wind that contributed to pushing in greenish waters. These turned over conditions shut down the surface action, particularly the wahoo that had been biting last week. Water temperatures were in the 71 to 73 degree range. So we are back in the seasonal transition period as is normal for this month. Anglers are searching the various rock piles for a variety of bottom species.

Highlights were a handful of nice leopard grouper and amberjack, up to 30 lb., as well as bonito, fortune jack, island jack, pompano, barred pargo and others. All very good eating fish. Anglers were using a combination of bait and yo-yo style jigs. Sardinas became scarce again, there were limited supplies of caballito, jacks, as well ballyhoo and slabs of squid.

The lack of sardinas put a damper on the inshore sierra action for the time being. Perhaps the baitfish moved further from shore during the recent full moon phase, we are hoping that this next week these schooling baitfish reappear. We greatly rely on the sardinas for this time of year for the inshore and shallow water structure fishing.

The whale migration is nearing the end now, the final few weeks before these mammals begin their migration north back to their summer feeding grounds off of Alaska.

Good Fishing, Eric

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