Dorado and Tuna Bite for Holiday Anglers ~ January 1, 2023

January 1, 20223


Well another year is in the books. This past week we saw larger crowds of families arriving, many of them deciding to make late notice fishing reservations. As weather was very ideal compared to much of North America, where freezing temperatures were being endured. Local conditions were mostly clear with warm sunny skies, high temperatures to 80 degrees, slight ocean swells, variable winds, predominantly from the north and usually picking up later in the day. Overall, very  nice winter time conditions.

Fishing action centered on the grounds from Punta Gorda, Cardon, La Fortuna, Iman and the Gordo Banks. Water temperatures continued to be on a cooling trend, now averaging in the 72 to 75 degree range, also as can happen this time of year, swift currents are pushing in some more off colored greenish waters. Bait sources have had heavy pressure, limited supplies of live caballito, ballyhoo and slabs of squid remained the mainstay for anglers.

Considering the time of year some very impressive catches were being accounted for. Dorado up to 25 lb., though most were in the 8 to 15 lb. class, were probably the most numerous of all gamefish now being found, anglers used both lures and bait, with more fish being hooked up on various baits, close to shore as well, often the bite came on stronger late morning. Wahoo were still in the area but with changing ocean currents, not as many were being hooked into, we were just seeing a few each day by the combined fleet, spear fishermen were accounting for the majority, a couple up near 60 lb. that we saw.

Yellowfin tuna bite actually improved over the previous week, they were found on the Iman Bank, Cardon and even close off of Punta Gorda, striking more often on the strips of squid, but also on caballito. Average sizes were 15 to 30 lb., but we saw some quality sized yellowfin up to 70, 80 and the largest of all was 116 lb. fish hauled in on Thursday. Despite not being found in large numbers, this was a great end of the year showing for these tuna.

Billfish action remained steady on the Pacific side, but was very limited in the direction off of San Jose del Cabo, just a few scattered striped marlin encountered. This is the time of year now that the billfish action does start shifting in the direction of the Sea of Cortez.

Not much bottom or inshore activity to report, a few miscellaneous species such as leopard grouper, bontio, pargo and triggerfish hooked into, most of this while anglers were drift fishing and targeting the yellowfin tuna.

More numbers of whales arriving throughout the region with each passing day, peak migration of these migrating mammals seems to have arrived.

Good Fishing, Eric

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