Cold Green Water, Bottom Action ~ April 17, 2022

April 17, 2022 

This is the local Easter Vacation week, very busy times, especially so over the weekend. Earlier in the week we saw a lot of vacationing families going out fishing, then business dropped, as many charter crews were not even available, as they were taking extended days off to enjoy themselves with family and friends on the many local beaches. Weather was ideal, highs near 80 degrees, moderate winds later in the day, though the ocean temperature was averaging a chilly 66 to 69 degrees, also was very off colored and green to about 15 miles offshore.

Anglers were finding a mix of available bait options, some caballito, slabs of squid and a larger type of flat bellied sardina, these work well for all around action, durable in the live bait wells. The majority of local fleets are now fishing on the grounds from off of Palmilla/Red Hill to Gordo Banks, Iman and San Luis Banks.

With the cold green water conditions the main action now has been working the bottom rocky areas. Pacific bonito has been the most common, striking best on yo-yo style jigs, early in the morning a handful of nice red snapper (huachinango) were accounted for off the grounds to the north and some miscellaneous grouper species. Nightlight catches included amberjack and grouper to 50 lb., as well as yellowtail to over 30 lb., though these were not common catches.

Not much heard at all on billfish, dorado or wahoo activity, conditions are just not right now for these species. Though we have continued to see an occasional yellowfin tuna being found on the grounds from Iman to San Luis Banks, striking mainly while drift fishing with strips of squid and average weights were in the 60 to 75 lb. range, very nice grade of fish, though they were few and far between. As conditions rebound later this month, as weather becomes progressively warmer, we do expect to see improvement for these yellowfin and other surface pelagics. Closer to shore there were some sierra and jack crevalle found, water still a bit cold and green to find roosterfish action.

Aggressive sea lions have been hanging on the same fishing grounds, making things more difficult, hanging around, just waiting for their chance at an easy meal, even attacking the larger yellowfin tuna and of course the red snapper and bonito are favorites as well. Surprisingly quite a few whales are still being seen this late into the season.

Good Fishing, Eric

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