Calms Seas, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo Biting ~ August 28, 2022

August 28, 2022  

Quiet this week in the Eastern Pacific as far as any storm systems impacting our area. There was less cloud cover than previous week, warm humid days, winds were slight, mainly later in the day and ocean swells were moderate. At this time we are closely following the distant forecast of a developing low pressure area off the mainland Mexico, this system is forecast to rapidly gain strength and most likely impact Southern Baja in around 8 or 9 days from now, we will hope for the best that path changes in the coming week.

Again we saw light crowds of anglers, relying now on sporadic supplies of sardinas, slabs of squid, as well as ballyhoo for available bait sources. Center of fishing action has been from Cardon the Iman Bank. Highlights were the finicky yellowfin tuna schooling on these grounds. 

Some days the tuna would show coming to the surface enticed by chum and on other days they would just not come up at all, though there were chances of blind strikes. Best success was found on the strips of squid. Most of the tuna we have seen come to the scales have ranged from 40 to 115 lb. Larger fish are also in the area and have been hooked and lost after extended battles. The tuna were shy to strike leaders any larger than 60 lb., some charters were going down to 40 lb. to increase chances, though larger fish were also being lost due to too light of leaders.

We saw more small dorado this past week, many very small and should be released, still a handful of large bulls to 40 lb. being accounted for, just not like the epic action early in the month. 
Wahoo were scarce, sluggish to bit in the warm 86 degree water. Everyday we have seen a few of these elusive gamefish are being accounted for, most of these striking on rapalas or ballyhoo and weights ranged from 15 to 35 lb.

Early in the week there were a couple of black marlin brought in, weights ranged 300 to 350 lb., also we saw sailfish and striped marlin, no significant numbers. Actually more anglers have been putting in the majority of time targeting the yellowfin tuna, as lots of patience and persistence was needed.

Not a whole lot of action found off the bottom, more triggerfish and bonito than anything else, a few cabrilla, amberjack and snapper.

Good Fishing, Eric

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