Bull Dorado, Tuna, Marlin ~ June 4, 2023

June 4, 2023

Moving into the new month we saw variable transitional weather patterns, northern winds remained predominant, but shifting breezes from the south were present and unpredictable. We have been waiting for patterns to stabilize some, but so far that has not happened, strong currents, increased ocean swells, particularly large over last weekend. Mostly clear sunny skies, some scattered light clouds at times, highs of about 85 degrees, ideal conditions to visit now, before the reel summer heat kicks in next month.

Moderate numbers of anglers now in town, though the local La Playita area of Puerto Los Cabos Marina was extremely busy with their annual traditional Dia de La Marina Fiesta on going through the weekend. This fiesta has been going on annually for as long as residents can remember, at least 40 years. The deal is that the area is much more congested now, built up with businesses, sportfishing fleets, Resorts, local homes, etc and there is not sufficient space to accommodate this event in the same locations as in years past. As we are used to, there is never any thought of this public inconvenience and organizers just are suborn to move to one of many other near by locations where it would be more accommodating and peaceful, not creating such frustration while creating impossible parking and overall congestion.

We have not seen the large schools of mullet move along beaches yet. In the marina channel there are caballito and jurelito being netted, no source for sardinas at this time. Most fishing action was taking place towards La Fortuna, Iman and San Luis, also straight offshore towards the 1150 spot. This is also the time of year for trolling close along the beach stretches while targeting roosterfish, jacks and other species, which so far has been a bit hit and miss, though we have seen a handful of very nice roosterfish released.

Off the bottom and the action was sporadic due to north winds and swift currents, we saw mixed success on species such as red snapper, yellow snapper, amberjack leopard grouper and bonito. Best chances were early in the day, after that action slowed and most charters would search out surface action.

We saw more quality sized dorado moving in, impressive 50 lb. bull dorado were landed, no huge numbers, but decent chances now of catching a couple of trophy sized fish, scattered throughout the offshore grounds now, no particular hotspot.

Offshore the striped marlin action continued to be very good, most activity was found 10 to 20 miles out, stripers were seen free jumping and tailing on the surface and would readily strike dropped back baits, as well as lures. Sizes were nice, up to 140 lb.

Yellowfin tuna were encountered further offshore traveling with porpoise, hit or miss and most of the time 15 to 25 miles offshore, not a normal deal for a morning charter, unless you make advance arrangements and pay fuel surcharges. Sizes for these tuna were up to 40 lb. in recent days, larger than previous week. The yellowfin tuna just were not wanting to bite on the nearby Iman or San Luis Banks, very sporadic and finicky, better chance now among the porpoise.

Only a few wahoo strikes being reported, most incidentally while bottom fishing, they are in the area though and you never know with the ‘hoo, they have their own personality as when they feel in the mood to strike.

Good Fishing, Eric–

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