April 10, 2011

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April 10, 2011

Ideal spring time conditions now greeting anglers that are visiting Southern Baja. Sunny skies are reaching high temperatures into the 80s. Wind patterns were now weakening off of the San Jose del Cabo, this is where ocean condition were calmer. Winds recently have prevailed more from the south, creating cooler and rougher waters on the Pacific. Ocean water temperatures overall are now on a warming trend, particularly in the direction of the Sea of Cortez, averaging from 65 degrees on the Pacific side of Cabo San Lucas, warming up to 78 degree just south of Los Frailes. It is the time of year when conditions can change rapidly. Typically the warmer currents push into the East Cape area first and then swift in the direction of Los Cabos by late spring.

Some larger sized baitfish such as mullet, caballito and moonfish were starting to move into the Puerto Los Cabos Marina channel, this is always a favorable sign. Schools of sardinas have become scattered, but have been available in limited supplies and continued to be the bait of choice for the inshore and structure fishing that has been the most productive option for anglers now for the past month. Anglers found a good variety of fish close to shore while drifting or slow trolling bait. Also there was fair success reported for anglers retrieving yo-yo jigs off of the rock piles. Most common catches were yellowtail, amberjack, skipjack, bonito, sierra, jack crevalle, pargo, cabrilla, grouper and triggerfish. Most fish averaged 3 to 8 pounds, though there were larger specimens to over 30 pounds accounted for, namely yellowtail or grouper. As always, many larger fish were reportedly lost by cut lines in the rocks. Overall this winter/spring season was improved over last for all around bottom and inshore action. With water temperatures now warming we do anticipate to start concentrating more on offshore action.

There were more frequent reports of porpoise activity being found offshore, with some scattered encounters with yellowfin tuna, most of this was found too far for local fleets, we are all looking forward to this type of action to move within range. Billfish were being found throughout the region, but not in any large concentrations, striped marlin action was more often encountered 10 to 20 miles from shore, but still very hit or miss. There was more talk about swordfish encounters this past week, more actual sightings than hook ups, straight off of San Jose del Cabo 20 miles plus miles from shore, also north towards Cabrillo Sea Mount and Desteladera Bank was an area where the swords were seen.

We have not seen any dorado to speak of either, that should change soon, a couple reports of wahoo strikes being taken in the areas of warmer waters towards Los Frailes. Not much action found on the Gordo Banks, still a chance of a larger sized yellowtail, but this was a deal where anglers would be looking for a chance at one trophy fish, no big numbers, with more sharks and sea lions making prospects more challenging.

Sierra was the main species found patrolling the shore line, Santa Maria was one of the better spots to find larger sierra of 4 to 8 pounds, striking best on sardinas. There were increasing numbers of schooling jack crevalle that were attracted to inshore bait schools. Most of the roosterfish found continue to be of the small variety, as more mullet migrate into local waters, this will attract the larger sized roosterfish.

The combined panga fleets launching from La Playita/Puerto Los Cabos sent out approximately 59 charters this past week, with anglers reporting a fish count of: 5 mako shark, 12 hammerhead shark, 22 bonito, 26 amberjack, 12 pompano, 18 jack crevalle, 82 pargo, 26 roosterfish, 22 cabrilla, 84 yellowtail, 144 skipjack and 195 sierra.


Good fishing, Eric

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