A Variety of Species in the Area, Just a Matter to Get Them to Bite ~ May 10, 2014


May 10, 2014
Anglers –

Perhaps the perfect weather conditions have attracted more crowds of tourists, as this past week we have noticed an increased number of visitors. Early in the week there were some unusually gusty winds sweeping through from the north, though after this front moved through conditions settled nicely and anglers were greeted with great ocean conditions. Air temperatures were nearing 90 degrees, some marine layer, scattered cloud cover created a semi tropical feeling. Everyone is enjoying the wonderful climate now, if only this could last through the summer. Ocean water temperatures fluctuated more, with cooler currents on the Pacific side of Cabo San Lucas now in the upper 60s, while outside of the Gordo Banks water ranged into the upper 70s, most of the zone where anglers were now fishing was in the 74/75 degree range.

The winds during the early week stirred up ocean conditions and dropped water temperatures by a few degrees. Striped marlin continue to be the most prevalent species found offshore, the big bite that had been going on very close to shore, off of the Puerto Los Cabos Marine entrance, within one mile of shore, this action tapered way off, though a few scattered striped marlin are still being landed each day from this area. It seems the main concentration of marlin has moved further offshore, as far as 18 miles out, scores of stripers were seen riding the surface swells, many of them not interested at all in feeding on the available bait source of moonfish, jacks or ballyhoo, though a percentage of the marlin would strike and some charters were accounting for multiple billfish days. Some charters reported seeing many marlin on the surface but not be able to draw a strike for anything, this can happen when the fish get a taste for a certain food source that is abundant at a particular time, fish just are not hungry for anything else.

Dorado were more scattered even than were the marlin, only an odd fish here of there, no schools found, maybe one dorado landed for every five charters. Weights of the few dorado accounted for ranged up to 20 pounds. Wahoo were in the area, though only a handful were actually caught, most of these were found north of Punta Gorda and towards Vinormama, various rigged baits and Rapalas both produced fish, which averaged from 20 to 30 pounds.

Mid week a significant sized school of yellowfin tuna in the 20 to 30 pound class came up and was feeding on the surface near the Outer Gordo Bank, no one reportedly could tell what type of baitfish they were attacking and all of this activity was over as fast as it appeared. It was an encouraging sign to show that these fish were at least in local waters and hopefully a bite will develop soon. We did hear of a couple of 15 to 20 lb. yellowfin landed on trolled lures, but that was it in the way of tuna. The bonito are still prevalent on the various high spots, but not in the number they had been, striking on yo-yo jigs. A few pargo, amberjack and cabrilla rounded out the bottom action, which was basically limited, some days better than other. Most charters are doing a mix of a little bottom structure fishing before trying their luck for surface species or drifting baits offshore for marlin, which had been one of the more productive techniques recently.

Inshore we have seen some larger sized roosterfish up to forty pounds moving in, no big numbers to speak of, but a great option for anglers wishing to target these powerful gamefish. Slow trolling the caballito, jacks or moonfish was the best method to entice a strike, some large sized jack crevalle were also patrolling the shoreline.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent out approximately 90 charters for this past week, with anglers accounting for a fish count of: 3 sailfish, 2 yellowfin tuna, 29 striped marlin, 6 wahoo, 2 yellowtail, 18 amberjack, 18 huachinago, 2 grouper, 11 cabrilla, 22 jack crevalle, 8 sierra, 20 dorado, 112 bonito and 26 roosterfish.

Good fishing, Eric

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