Tuna bite remains hot! – Oct. 8th, 2023


October 8th, 2023

We are now in the midst of the fall season and we are seeing more numbers of anglers arriving. We have been closely monitoring the development of a few storms off the south pacific coast. The storm closest to us, Lidia, has been acting funny for the last few days as it continues to change directions drastically day by day. We had some light rain for the last few days and expect to have a bit more for the next couple of days, which should make it interesting as we saw a great tuna bite throughout our heavy rain early this morning. At this time, it seems that this storm will not be a threat and we will continue with our operation unless the Mexican authorities suggest otherwise.

The bite at the Gordo has been consistent, very similar to the previous 3 weeks. We are mostly using strips of squid and small skipjacks that you can catch on the fishing grounds. Bait supplies, such as sardinas and caballito have been limited at the marina. Drifting with strips of squid has been the most effective way, especially if you are taking plenty of it to chum with; we are recommending 4-5 kilos of squid per boat to have a good chance at multiple big fish. Some of the boats have arrived from the Gordo with 2-3 tuna per day, most of them pushing the 100-pound mark.

We continue to see many of the boats go all the way to Vinorama  and Iman as there is a chance of catching quite a few of the smaller sized tuna, 20-30 pounds. Dorado can also be found fishing the grounds from Gordo to Vinorama. These dorado are found scattered about in small numbers, the majority being under 10 pounds. We have not seen the number of dorado caught increase within the last month, but we do anticipate a new wave of fish to show by the end of October/early November as we see the water get a bit cooler.

On these same grounds we also saw a few sailfish being hooked into. Not much bottom action being reported now, although we did see a few grouper and yellowtail snapper being caught on the jig while drifting bait for tuna.

Good Fishing, Brian

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