The Future of Gordo Banks Pangas – Sept 17th 2023

With the passing of Eric Brictson, we are writing to update you a bit on the fishing, but most importantly the future of Gordo Banks Pangas. 

We are reaching the end of our hurricane season and even though it continues to be hot and extremely humid during the days, we are finally noticing cooler mornings at the marina. We are looking forward to cooler days as this summer has been hotter than usual. That said, we are starting to see larger crowds of fisherman as we are heading into our busy end of October/November season. 

The main target has been yellowfin tuna, most of them coming from Vinorama. Consistency depends on if there is sufficient bait that day to get them excited. Anglers were using mostly strips of squid and sardinas. There have been limited supplies of sardinas on some days, which can contribute to a slow day of fishing.  There is a chance at a nicer tuna at Gordo Banks. Most of these fish range from 20-60 pounds, while we have seen a few ones caught that were closer to 100 pounds. Some boats have reported seeing a few yellowfins over 150 pounds at the Gordo.  

In between the tuna action, we continue to see some dorado and occasionally a few wahoo in the mix. We are expecting to see a few more wahoo as the water continues to cool off. There is also a chance at a nice Dogtooth snapper at the Gordo if you put in the time. We saw 6 this week, one being closer to 50 lbs.

If you missed our latest notice on Gordo Banks Pangas, Eric Brictson passed away on August 30th. We have missed his presence at the marina and will continue to every day. He was and will continue to be a growing part of our community and we will try our hardest to follow in his footsteps. The Brictson family appreciates all the support and understanding that our amazing clients have shown us after his passing. The Brictson family has decided to grow Eric’s legacy and will continue to operate Gordo Banks Pangas. Brian Brictson will be overseeing the operation. For the moment being, we will continue to use the same emails within our contact page. If you have a current reservation, we will be honoring it. If you want to charter a trip, feel free to reach out at any time. 

Good Fishing, Brian

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